Yummy Salad Recipes for Summer

Yummy Salad Recipes for Summer

Even though you might secretly pray that the summer get over quickly this is not going to happen. With this reality in mind, it is obvious that we all look for lighter meal options to suit the climate and what best can serve the bill that the good ol’ salad recipes which are filled with seasonal ingredients, lot of color and yes, laden with nutritious elements.

Here are some of the fantastic summer salad recipes for you:

The very Asian fruity and fresh salad!

This one recreates the perfect Asian flavor and adds glam to the summer season where the platter speaks of color, freshness and indeed fruity wonders.  To create this, one would need to mix the following ingredients and your salad is ready.

Ingredient list: Mint leaves, chopped Galangal, chopped lemon leaves, cut ripe mangoes, grilled white batam mushrooms, dressing, wonton sheet, grilled long eggplants, coriander leaves, chopped lemon grass, shredded red onions, red chili, grilled black mushrooms, nuri sheet and rocket leaves.

A salad with light, refreshing and playful delights!

This one is surely a hit in the summer with the refreshing taste. To make this one would need to collate the salad  ingredients given below.

Ingredient list: Tomato cherry, sliced at the bottom, Buffallo Mozzarella, rocket leaves, frisse, kalamata olives, crushed black pepper, extra virgin olive oil, tomato plum, cut and drained sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, dill leaves, prezoise olives, salt, pine nuts and balsamic vinegar.

To make this, one would need to dry the ingredients and cut the tomatoes and grind the cherry tomatoes and herbs all together into a fine paste and apply on the already cut plum tomatoes. After it has dried up, the olives need to be cut into halves and left separately. For dressing the pesto, you need to paste the basil leaves with olive oil, seasonings, pine nuts and cheese until done and then arrange the herbs at the center of the serving plate.  Then the rocket leaves and the tomatoes need to be placed at intervals with Mozilla cheese and olives and drizzled with the pesto all over at the end.

Seaweed & Plum salad!

This one is indeed for the sure Vegans who want to pack their diet with power elements where this salad recipes are a great mix of seaweeds and plum where the seaweeds are laden in properties which are anti-inflammatory, and loaded in antioxidants and minerals too. To make this salad recipes, you would need to fill the dry seaweed into a bowl and fill it up with cold water. In case of a crunchy taste soak for 5 mins and if you like it tender for 10 mins. To create the dressing you need to combine rice vinegar, soy sauce, salt, ume plum and sesame oil in a bowl and whisk well. Once others are done, drain the seaweeds and squeeze the extra water and put the same in Mesclun with sesame seeds and dressings. Tossing it and adding shredded nori, fresh plums sand flex seed does the work.


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