Sex Life is Getting Diminish due to Lifestyle

Sex Life is Getting Diminish due to Lifestyle

marriage issuesMarriage means support, love and a lifetime bond however sometimes couples face trouble in communicating which results in lack of intimacy. In a lifestyle  where people are more exposed to strenuous work conditions and are always tied up between their work and personal life, all of which comes at a cost. What is the cost? The cost of diminished personal moments between couples and unwillingness in sharing those intimate moments together.

In this world, everyone faces the challenges of life that suffocate a relationship and making boundaries in each others personal dimensions. Well, whom to blame for this?

This unhealthy lifestyle is so adapted by us that we are failing to come out of it and pushing ourselves more to the extremes.

 It has been found that older men and women are more affected by unhealthy lifestyle than younger men and women. Because of which it is sure that they are going to face the consequences in the later stages.

The outcomes of poor lifestyle habits are:

  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise
  • alcohol consumption
  • smoking

Yes, people are getting victimized to lifestyle changes like never before. With this lifestyle and worsen effects on sexual health, people should possibly need to quit smoking and alcohol and jump to exercise in the longer run.

They shall not forget that are working for maintaining a happy life and need to work with the positives in life rather ingesting the negative outcomes that may spoil the near future.

Like any other illness, sexual illness is also the cause of this lucrative lifestyle that is fetching less positives than negatives in the longer run. It is also a serious  trouble in marriage and this may get widen with time.

What can be done?

Couples should look forward in incorporating a healthy lifestyle and giving each other proper times needed

  • make sure you abandon smoking and excessive alcohol consumption as it also affects the desires for each other and give serious hormonal changes.
  • Make sure you exercise or undergo meditation that boosts the system and reinforce the love back in life.
  • Eat right and healthy is also important to sustain life that offers a strong connection and keeps you fit.

Lifestyle dysfunction is impacting the life in many ways and sexual life is impacted widely in this sort. People are widening their interests in drugs and alcohol that are laying severe stress in life and disturbing the intimacy for each other.

Embracing life that is filled with positive emotions calls for serious relationship goals in this very world. Making lifestyle changes is difficult but adopting this change is imperative to achieve severe relationship goals. Engage in some quality time with you partner and bring the charm back that may be disrupting the emotions and closeness for each other. Guys, this world calls for the survival of the fittest, show the world you are fittest in this stride.

Keep the proper working hours and do not make the work hampers your personal life that is more important than work. This is a serious issue that is triggering in many urban lifestyle and the results are not far where people can propel with hatred for each other.

Life is to love, bring the change in lifestyle and blossom the good vibes of your marriage.





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