You Love Him Show Your Husband

You Love Him Show Your Husband

It’s a busy world where each of us is in a race to succeed – either to be able to buy a new phone, get a bigger car or have a house of our own. In this rush, quite often what we forget is expressing gratitude and love to our partner. So, here are some interesting ways to show your husband that you love and care for him.

Pack His Favorite Cuisine For Lunch Or Serve For Dinner


As the age old saying goes “If you want to make a man happy! work your way through his stomach”, so try it. It works at all times. Instead of ordering from outside, try experimenting to create food he loves the most. There are a number of websites offering mouth-watering recipes. As it’s easy to show you love him.

Surprise Him With A Gift


Gifting is a great way to make your spouse feel special which shows that you love him. Many a times, the partner needs or wants little things which just stay on the list for the want of time or energy. Go ahead and gift him with the shaver he has wanted for some time or the wallet that needs to be changed or the shoes he loved while browsing the net.

Plan A Small Getaway

beautiful-HoneymoonAway from the hustle and bustle, plan a getaway to a serene place, be it a lounge café or a drive to the outskirts of the city. He surely will love to have some lone, romantic time with you.

The Lingerie Treat


Well, he might not admit it openly but he’ll love it when your under dress is a surprising treat. So, you can indulge in innovative lingerie shopping once in a while to make him a happy man!

Let Him Have Some Time Out With Friends

champagne-glasses-821435_960_720At times, just the gesture of not being the nagging wife and being the supportive, chilled out wife instead is also good enough to show him that you understand him, care about his feelings. Let him hang out with friends and he will love you for it. It takes a loving woman to do so!

Write Him Little Sticky Notes Like You Love Him

note-34671_1280A little note that says ‘I love you’ by the bedside or a little note on his diary which says ‘I miss you’ or on the mirror which says ‘I love your smile’ will certainly bring one on his lips too no matter when he sees them and make him feel special too.
Go ahead lady, show your man that you love him!



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