Weight Loss Motivation Mothers give to daughter

Weight Loss Motivation Mothers give to daughter

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Weight Loss Motivation

Discussing weight issues before your daughter is a big no no for mothers. Even if you want to talk to a child about weight issues it is advised to talk to her in a confined way. As per a new research if you want your daughter to shed few pounds, better abstain in saying so many words and rather bring your weight issues in the conversation, the research suggested.

In raising questions about your daughter weight issues, mothers must bring their own weight gain problems to put an impact on daughter rather putting it in so many words.

If a child is fat she probably knows it, as the children tease her and others as well. Classmates may tease her, and she probably will know when the clothes fit her tight when she look in the mirror. So mothers, when you broach the topics it should be weight loss motivation.

“Generally, we found that for the daughters who were being encouraged to lose weight by their mothers, outcomes were worse if their mothers were not also discussing their own weight concerns,” said one of the researchers Erin Hillard from University of Notre Dame in Indiana, US.

It has been found out in a research that the daughters who were being encouraged to lose weight but whose moms were not also discussing their own weight concerns were more at risk for development of disordered eating, based on the higher scores on measures of dieting behaviour and drive for thinness they reported in eighth grade.” The survey was conducted on a representative group of sixth- to eighth-grade girls and their mothers.

Today, mothers do not talk about weight issues the way they should. They should always give weight loss motivation to their daughters. Look for a natural time to talk to your daughter about the weight issue. Like after a check-up, you might say “You heard the doctor say you’re gaining weight too quickly. Do you want to talk about what we can do to help?

Bring sensitivity to your segments and raise your weight issues as well that will impart courage in the child and will boost her up in burning out the food she consumes.

If you want your child to live in a healthier way, you need to set a good example. Mention how much fun it is to play in your tennis league, or let him know how satisfied (not stuffed!) you feel when you eat an apple instead of a fattening dessert. Try relating everything with you in case of diet concerns as it helps in letting the child understand better.

It is noted that overweight children have low self-esteems, and any pinning comment can draw them to tears. As mothers you need to console your child for such absurd comments and bring the positivity in her.

Praise her efforts not the results, if you want your daughter to be healthy and not become deficient from any nutrition give her weight loss motivation.

As children are already under so much peer pressure, bring this thing gently keeping yourself as the role model. It boosts their confidence and let them work on it positively to their repetitive question mom how to lose weight fast .

Weight Loss Motivation

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