Wedding Venues That Are Different

Wedding Venues That Are Different

Though every aspect of the wedding ceremony is surely magical, there is something extraordinary about the wedding venues! While some families are more traditional and prefer to opt for the conventional venues, many couples are now experimenting with never-used-before spots and trying to embrace the picture perfect setting in their wedding venues for an unforgettable day. We bring you some unique ideas to inspire your wedding venues:

1. The Beach Wedding venues

Santorini Honeymoon

Wedding on Beach

There is nothing more romantic than getting married at sunset time on a beach. The perfect setting with the unending horizons, fresh blue waters, and the amazingly beautiful sky is every couple’s dream photo-op. Whether you’re looking for glamorous elegance or modest beauty, the backdrop of the beach can offer all kinds of theme ideas for a wedding. Plus, your guests will be delighted to enjoy a mini-vacation during your wedding time!

2. The Fairy Tale Wedding


Fairy Tale Look

Most brides have imagined a fairy tale wedding ever since they’re little girls. You can make this come true with today’s amazing décor ideas and a wide variety of wedding venues. You can opt for a wedding a beautiful ballroom and create some amazing light effects using fairy lights, candles, and chandeliers. You can also place divas and metal lanterns to create a dreamy ambience. If there are trees at the venue, don’t forget to decorate them beautifully using fairy lights and add a charisma to the venue.

3. The Rustic Charm Wedding


An old-style or vintage wedding is always trending even though modern weddings have taken over. Find a place that combines the rural charm with an urban sophistication to have a beautiful fusion in your wedding theme. Small elements can make a big difference while creating the overall look for the venue. You can opt for antique chairs and decorate it with bright ethnic cushions and drapes for the couple to sit. Bells can be used for a traditional hanging while swings can inject an Indian flavor in the overall décor. Decorate the swings with beautiful flowers and it will be the most-loved photo op destination for your guests.

4. The Royal Wedding


You can get creative if you’re planning a truly royal wedding. Right from hosting it at one of the renowned palace hotels in the country to making the groom come to the venue on an elephant like a king, the options are endless. While planning such a wedding, it is important to make sure every element fits into the theme in order to complete the overall look of a royal and majestic wedding!

5. The Indoor-Outdoor Wedding


An outdoor wedding can be truly beautiful in terms of the lush green gardens, open skies and the endless opportunities for décor. However, if you are expecting a change in weather, it might be a good idea to opt for an indoor-outdoor wedding, so that your guests can enjoy the outdoors and yet have the option to be indoors. You can have lanterns, flower curtains, and innovative colour schemes in such weddings as you can decorate the indoors and outdoors in two complementary ways.

Personalize the wedding venues with love signs, monograms, and black boards with cute messages for a unique touch. Hope these ideas give you some inspiration for choosing the best wedding venue. Happy wedding!



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