Wedding Night – Make It Memorable Forever

Wedding Night – Make It Memorable Forever

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Wedding Night

It is every girl’s wish to be the “Dreamgirl” of her guy. But do you know what men’s secret fantasies are? Explore the pleasures of fantasy world and astonish your guy with moves he has only thought in his wild dreams! Every married couple should start their life with a bit of sensuous play, no matter what be close to your partner in a different way and spice up your love life.

Start the game when he is least expecting it:

Nothing turns on men more than seeing their girls make the first move. Surprise him when he not expecting it. Take charge of the foreplay and direct the whole game for a wedding night. Take him to the bed and strip him up. The most common fantasy of a guy is to see his girl on the top. Well, at least for a while. Be sensually confident while you are on the top and you will see the thrill of your appeal in his eyes.

Secret Admirer:

Every man has a curious side. You might think of it as a bit creepy but rest assured that secretly watching someone bathing, getting dressed or being intimate is on the top of his fantasy list. Get him a pair of binoculars or let him peep through the keyhole while you seductively work on bubbles with a loofah in your shower. Or graciously dress up in your bedroom and let him hide under the bed. This game of secret admiration while not only leaves him drooling over you but you too will feel the thrill of being stalked.

Be another girl:

Be the actress for a wedding night. Making love with as many different girls as they can is every man’s wildest fantasy. While it is not possible for everyone, you can let him savor his imagination by role-play. Dress up like a teacher, a doctor or an actress and change your name. Tell him that you are the new girl and you want to make love. See for yourself how it turns on your man and makes him crazy about you.

Tease him up:

While day-to-day decision making can leave men tired at times. So being sexually submissive not only relaxes them but gives a formidable pleasure of being at their girl’s mercy. It is one of the most common sexual fantasies of men all over the world to be teased, spanked and tied by the ropes by their lovers. Tie them up with silk scarves or pleasure handcuffs like typical romantic movies . It is fun to see your hunks go down on their knees at wedding night.


As much as the men like being submissive, they also love to be the alpha males. He can be your kidnapper who ties you to a chair or he can be a soldier who is saving your life. Let him feel you at wedding night. Be vulnerable, be fragile and just watch how this game turns him on.

Take a break from the boring routine and spice up your life with these little tricks and treats and watch your man melt right in front of your eyes. Don’t forget, the naughtier you treat him in the bed, the nicer he is going to be outside your bedroom.

Wedding Night

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