Ways to Reuse Household Items Creatively

Ways to Reuse Household Items Creatively


Ways to Reuse Household Items

We all have trashy stuff lying here and there all around our houses – stuff that should be ideally thrown away to free-up and utilize the space otherwise occupied by them. However, most of us refrain from doing so more often than not. Sometimes we let them be out of sheer laziness, and sometimes the “might come in handy one of these days” logic kicks in.

What if we told you we could show you some really fun and practical way of tackling this common problem faced by more or less every household? Don’t worry – it won’t cost you any money or much effort! All it would require is a little bit of your free time and some creativity.

Here come 7 easy ways to reuse household items and turn them from trash to treasure:

Cans, Containers, and Glass Jars

While glass and metal are relatively easier to recycle, how about reusing some of them to cut down on excess packaging and avoidable trash? If you notice, old coffee canisters, as well as glass jars do, in fact, make great containers for desk organizers, bulk pantry items, and even washroom containers.

If you think creatively, there are probably a gazillion of ways for you to reuse mason jars other than food canning. Also, just in case you have a lot of narrow necked bottles (e.g. beer bottles), you can easily turn them into a custom set of drinking glasses.

Old Magazines and Newspaper

If you are anything like most newspaper and/or magazine subscribers out there, it is obvious that you find yourself being run over by old papers.

However, rather than trying to get rid of them, you can easily re-purpose all the old magazines and newspapers. For example, you could turn them into hand-woven trays, baskets or even mini-magazine and newspaper stand.

Another ways to reuse household items are wrapping paper or compostable seed pots. And if you are into the whole DIY (do-it-yourself) thing, you could also embark on more ambitious projects such as making unique, home-made wood-like flooring using paper bags.

Laundry wastes

Those of you fine folks who are keen on reusing laundry waste, you could easily dust rags and other similar home-grown goods using nothing but dryer sheets only. Dusting rags made of laundry sheets are particularly useful for scrubbing off stains, soap scum, and pet hair.

All you’ll have to do is collect the dryer lint and spend a couple of hours (max) to make paper mache’, recycled paper and compostable seed spots out of those waste materials.

Bedding, Clothes, and Towels

Refrain from tossing out used clothes, bedding and old towels for the simple reason that they can make pretty decent washable cleaning rags. Similarly, old and discarded tee shirts can be converted into awesome braided rugs without having to put any noticeable effort.

It gets even better if you have at least the basic training in sewing because then you will be able to have ways to reuse household items.


As the end of the growing season approached, allow a few of your flowers and veggies (preferably 3 to 5 max)to seed. The point here it to collect the seeds and then adequately store them for the next season so you don’t have to spend additional money on seeds for those plants.

Ways to Reuse Household Items


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