Ways to improve bonding between a single parent and kid

Ways to improve bonding between a single parent and kid

love-746678_640Even if a marriage doesn’t work or a partner leaves for the heavenly abode, life doesn’t stop. More so, because of the shared gift of life between the two partners – the gift called child. And you as a parent hold the ownership of raising the child in the best possible manner with morals, creativity, liveliness and empathy. For this, it is very important that the parent and child bond well. For single parents, this might be quite challenging given the financial responsibilities, grief and agony of being alone in the process. Here are some tips to help you:

Talk to them

The change in circumstances is most difficult for your child so talk to him/her to understand their feelings better. At this point of time, they are very vulnerable and really need your time and attention to remain positive.

Have a weekly date

You can either choose to go outdoors or remain at home during your weekly date which might be over an ice cream, soup, cricket match or at the parlor. This will give an opportunity to the two of you to spend quality time together doing the things that your child loves, thus helping him/her feel closer and open up their fears, anxieties, future plans, love life or normal school routine.

Do show up for the parent-teacher meetings

Doing so will communicate to your child that you are available for him/her and are interested in knowing how they are doing at school.

Video chat when away

If you ought to go on an official tour or if your child is at the other parents place, do make it a point to spend some time every day over video chat. It will give you a sense of fulfillment and also help your child feel that you are just a click away.

Do not talk negative about the other parent

No matter how great the dislike that you have for your ex-partner, do not speak ill about him/her in front of you child else it will give rise to negativity and distance the child from you. He/she might even start hiding conversations with the other parent or gifts from the other parent.

Write to each other

If you feel there are matters that you cannot discuss upfront, pen it down in a common diary. Similarly, encourage your child to also do so. This will help to develop an alternate channel for open communication where you can be responsive and not reactive to your child’s concerns or secrets.

Give it a shot, it’s not that difficult!


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