Wake Up Without An Alarm Clock

Wake Up Without An Alarm Clock

Wake up early is one heck of a business for many of us as we all like snuggling in some more time during the morning sleep. While in the deep slumber, it may get annoying to simply get over the bed and start the day. So, what can be done? Well, we have been gifted a biological clock than why we humans are so reclined over alarm? We have adapted our body in a manner that one cannot unbolt the eyes without swinging in with that alarm sound.

Here, we find some measures on how to ditch alarm and start the day refresh:

1. Study Your Circadian Rhythm


Your body acts differently from the times you watched excessive TV late night to using mobile phones highly. So, analyzing your circadian rhythm is imperative before you make any change to your daily cycle. You need to analyze your circadian rhythm of 24 hours that affects your sleep habit directly. This also influences hormone secretion and body temperature.

2. Cultivate A Mental Environment

You cannot wake up early unless you have cultivated a mental environment to “Yes, I have to ditch the bed early and start my routine.” Your inner power here works all the magic. The more confined your are to kick start the daily rhythm early, the more you will be able to achieve it. You may also:

  • Listen to podcast for waking early.
  • Read about people’s  journey on “How people had actually turned up this stone and now follow wake ups an early habit”?

3. Follow The New Schedule On Weekends

wake up early

This one is to combat any risk. While wake up early is challenging, you might not experiment this on a weekday and start doing the same on weekends. After all, you do not want to wake up extra late in the week hours and ruin your day and miss office. You can also arrange your bedroom likewise and open the curtains little while sleeping so that you may get a hint of sunrise.

4. Sleep Well :Wake Up

sleeping-1353562_960_720Unless you get a good night’s sleep, waking up early is simply horrendous. Yes, you need to kick start the day by setting your head in a way that you need to get up early and all jazzed. For that you cannot compromise with a tight sleep for 6-7 hours. Going to bed at a reasonable time is necessary otherwise you will be in your pants of sleeping like an owl.

5. Make It A Habit

wake up early morning

When you follow the schedule of your life for two to three weekends, you will get turned up into the rhythm and your body adapts to it automatically. When you repeat this habit of waking up without an alarm clock, your subconscious mind will transfer in the same gig. It will induce to your routine and your body starts managing it’s cycle without the need of an alarm clock. This is how humans function where they ingest any habit and gradually gets into its command.

Guys waking up early is a habit that stands in all grounds of transforming your life to a miracle. You can impart time for your fitness regime, spend time with your family, eat healthy and stay blissful.



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