Virginity Myths Things You Know

Virginity Myths Things You Know

Virginity of a woman is an over-hyped topic of discussion and is associated with a lot of misinformation among both men and women. Loosing it  is a very sensitive issue and thereby any misleading information so shared is simply fooling yourself about the truth of science and nature. So, here are we debunking the six most common
virginity myths that will astonish you.

Myth#1: The hymen marks the virginity of a woman

Scientist says that hymen is an over-determined and widely misunderstood sign that defines a woman’s have done sex first or not. Hymen is a membrane that comes with uncanny eyes and people often get misunderstood with its association with
first time sex. From several years, it is believed that while making out the pain is caused due to breakage of hymen which is certainly holds no truth. Hymen breakage is nothing but a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Myth#2: Losing Virginity changes everything

We are grown up with the fact that losing adulteration is one time event that changes everything. The movies we had seen shows emotions where a girl shows completely different after having sex first time. However, it is monumental change that ignites good feeling. Guess what after doing your deed, you wake up next morning, like nothing happened, and it’s all fine.

Myth#3: It should be someone whom you love

Well, debunking this myth is no big issue. As they say your first time should be with someone …” Do you believe that happens, when you make out with your couple and that couple didn’t seem out to be your life partner, would you regret? C’mon this is a feeling mutual between two who gradually takes it to a next level. So, relax, there is no place of guilt and you are just going with the passage of time.

Myth#4: You fall in immense love with the person you had sex for the first time

Really? You must have seen that girls are obsessive about their partner with whom they first made love. They are passionate, and fantasize, but that is not always true. Making out can definitely bring two people together, but it can certainly divide them. Making love is not a criteria to set serious relationship goals, but yes, you can probably think of taking a next step together.

Myth#5: You can lose your virginity once

C’mon girls, you do not have only one V-card to lose. There are so many virginities to loose.  Getting down on someone, experiment with something new is all different types of virginities and you have all the time to make it that amazing.

Myth#6: Have done sex before you start college

Many conceive loosing it as the sign of adulthood. Once you are out of school, all you want to do is sex which is sometimes more important than getting a good college. There is no age of losing it, it’s the right time and the right person that let all the things happen.

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