Village of Tosh : Where time takes a break

Village of Tosh : Where time takes a break


In a sleepy corner of Himalayas and far off from the busy noises of progress and electronic shenanigans, lies a sleepy village defying it all. The place has no taste for religion, a complete disregard for definitions, and a cool shade for every tired soul that comes it’s way.

Away from the city, away from the shores, lies the adobe of almighty himself, the beautiful valley of Tosh.

A recent popular destination among those who always desire for more. The more popular Kasol harboring the magnificent Parvati Valley has it’s charms, but nothing in comparison to this peaceful valley, just a couple of hours from the city.

Regular bus services or cabs shall take you as far as Barshaini during the snow, and a little bit more if the roads are open. The rest is a beatiful trek through the misty jungles and the ever wondering snow trails.



A variety of accommodation options and cafes are available to suit the visitor’s need. What you see in the picture is olive garden cafe. Standing at the edge of the valley with a breathtaking view and warm cozy cafe the place will turn you into a poet even if you ain’t one.

From the pricing point of view the rooms are real cheap but the food prices make up for it. The best meals that I had at the place was their spicy noodle soup and ‘chai parantha’. A word of advice though, do carry your own drinks as the price of alcohol is very steep and not readily available, and also your basic needs as the shops are pretty far and not much goes around. All in all, if you are looking for isolation, the village provides it ample.

There isn’t much to go and see as the complete place is like the wonderland itself. Winding trails leading away from the village, the steep valley ending up in a river and a majestic dam nearby trying it’s best to channelize the force of nature. They take you away from all the dirt and layers accumulated a walk where you meet the true self, nature as pure and beautiful that you don’t feel like touching anything for that would corrupt the inherent innocence and life the place has. And that’s where you realize how far have we come away from our roots, from who we truly are.

A mind-numbingly beautiful and highly recommended trek if you ever visit the place.


Fernweh; is a german word that stands for “an ache for distant places, the craving for travel”.

And no other word can truly describe feeling that the valley has left me with. With it’s old school wooden cabins, blazing fireplaces, yummy food and really warm and genuine hosts, Tosh for me now marks the heaven that Led Zeppelin created the Stairway for.


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