Try Various Homemade Lemonade in This Summer

Try Various Homemade Lemonade in This Summer

Shikanji or homemade lemonade as we call, is one perfect appetizer to cool down the summer heat. In northern India shikanji is a bliss to cool own the system and the throw of black salt ramps up the taste of shikanji to heights.  The best part of drinking nimbu pani or shikanji is it gives instant energy and refreshes the soul. Lemons are filled with vitamin C and therefore, it is the right element to counteract with lower body energy.


Without wasting any more time, let’s find the different variants of nimbu pani, you can experiment with all this summer:

1.Saada Shikanji:

Don’t go with the word “Saada” but this is the shikanji we all are making every time in our homes. This is literally as simple as a child play and offers an amazing appetite usually served in the weather that is extremely hot. Squeeze one lemon in a glass of water and add two full big spoons of sugar syrup into it. Sprinkle salt as per your state and give it a good stir. You are ready to grab the most simple homemade lemonade.

2. Pudina Shikanji:

Yes, pudina or mint leaves are a retreat to cool down the system. Mint is a great appetizer or a palate cleanser and promotes digestion. It soothes stomach in case of indigestion and inflammation. And here, this miracle ingredient is used in shikanji and gives it a taste like never before. Grind mint leaves in a manner that the consistency is not thick and mint leaves are half grinder. Now pour this to saada shikanji or the mainstream shikanji we all know. Pour ice cubes and voila, your pudina shikanji is here to look like one expensive mocktail.

3. Pineapple Shikanji:

This recipe is one out of the box touch to shikanji and lemonade that we all have. Pineapple, when grilled on a non stick grill pan  starts the prep of this drink. Now, put the evenly golden pineapples in the mixer jar and let it get cold. Add mint leaves, powdered sugar, chat masala, dried mango powder, roasted cumin powder, black salt, lemon juice, ice cubes and 2 cups of water and blend. Now pour the homemade lemonade into 4 tall glasses. You may decorate each glass with a pineapple wedge and your pineapple shikanji is ready.

4. Masala Soda Shikanji:

Soda shikanji or soda lemonade is another variant of homemade lemonade that gets thumbs up for its cravings. It is a sweet, tangy and spicy drink that comes in a perfect party combination and appetizing drink. Start by filling the pitcher with ice cubes and add lime juice and sprite to it. Stir it well. Muddle the green chillies along with the chat masala. Add a little water to it and pour into the sprite filled pitcher. Add the lemon wedges and the roughly torn mint leaves into the pitcher and stir. Serve the Masala Soda Shikanji immediately as a refreshing drink along with Chaats or tea time snacks.

5. Strawberry Shikanji:

It is another refreshing recipe to fill in your taste buds. Start making it with a fine puree of the strawberries along with the sugar and salt until very smooth. Add the puree into a pitcher and add soda and ice cubes. Check for the salt and sugar combination perfectly and add lime juice for the perfect tangy taste. This is one homemade lemonade that is modern yet makes for a great summer mocktail.

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