Try These Home Remedies for Fever

Try These Home Remedies for Fever

Fever if not treated on time can mess with your health. There are many ways to cure fever, but the best cure is one which can be found at home naturally. So, try these home remedies for fever.

Use cool water:

Try to bring the body temperature down by making use of cool water. Dip a strip of cloth in cold water, wring it, and place this damp strip on the patient’s forehead to bring the temperature down dramatically and ease the eyes and the body. Moreover, you may take sponge bath to bring down the fever.

Tulsi leaves:

Tulsi is known for its medicinal properties. It has always been used as medicine to cure cough, cold and fever. To make best use of these natural home remedies for fever, boil five to six tulsi leaves in water, and drink that water through the day to help the body fight the cause of the fever.


Garlic assists the body in sweating and thus brings down the body temperature. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and helps in flushing out the harmful toxins too. Place finely chopped garlic clove in one cup of boiling water, steep for 5-7 minutes and strain. Now drink this couple of times in a day and you will feel better!


Fruits, especially those rich in Vitamin C should be consumed when one is suffering from fever. Fruits help in keeping the body hydrated. So, fruits like Oranges, grapes, apples, etc. should be consumed in plenty. Lemon juice should also be preferred and act as home remedies for fever.


Ginger works as a natural antibiotic and has anti-fungal properties too. It boosts the body’s immunity and provides the much needed boost to find all kinds of illness. Make a juice of ginger, lemon and honey and drink it two three times a day for immediate relief. Tea, sprinkled with crushed ginger can also help.


Raisins can bring down fever by fighting the underlying illness and help the body recover faster. Let 25 to 30 raisins sit in the water for an hour or two. Once the raisins get plump, strain them and drink this juice two to three times in a day.


Tea is one of the easiest and the best remedies for fever. One can drink hot ginger tea or yarrow tea, which not only boosts immunity but provides immediate relief by helping the body sweat it out.

Use these natural home remedies for fever, and try to keep the body cool at all times to help bring down the temperature.

Home Remedies For Fever



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