Try New Eye Makeup Strobing Trend

Try New Eye Makeup Strobing Trend

Current eye makeup strobing is all about making an awakening effect that brightens the inner corner of the eyes. While highlighting the inner corner of the eyes, has been around for a while, but this technique simply amps up the cool quotient and celebs are crunching over this obsession. When you add an extra layer of highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes, it makes your eyes look bright and shiny and pop them out with this technique.

How is it done?

As we know that this world is robotic, and robots are shiny, we bring to you eye strobing that is another shiny technique to bring on the magic. Simply apply shimmery eye shadows to the inner crease of the eye with a detailed brush and smudge it around the inner corner of the eyes. Here you have to binge into the eye makeups trend of the season that is and will going to reign the makeup world. Makeup artists put a more eye shimmer to make the eyes look awake, but here it is a matter of making them look more like droids.

Check out below:

1.Smoky eyes and silver do not have to be mutually exclusive


2. Shining brightly with silver pigments


3. Subtle eye strobing


4. The steely gaze


For day and night Eye Makeup

“For daytime as suggested by experts, use a highlighter with a subtle sheen and for night, bump things up with a creamy metallic base that’s more pigmented and less sheer.

Be a Fashionista with this makeup trend.

When you are defining the world with the art of contouring, make sure you get it right with the eye makeup strobing. There is quite a buzz in the beauty world about this light, happy and sculpting technique, the one facial feature that is getting immense attention and people are getting their senses stuck are-eyes. You may call it eye strobing or eye lighting but the enough love it is getting is all because of the magic it creates and makes eyes prominent and unconventional. The sparkling flashy magic it creates, govern the new eye makeup trend that will get an immense buzz and appreciation. Go try it!!



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