Top Latest Trends of Summer

Top Latest Trends of Summer

Summer is here and the mercury isn’t shying away from showing exactly how sunny it is. And as the northern hemisphere gears up to beat the heat, latest trends world over are waiting to take the new season by storm. Summer collections are in stores all over and designers and models are hard at work, showcasing the best this summer has to offer.

We looked for summer latest trends across the globe and from among the hundreds of choices we had, we chose our top five. These trends are here to stay and have appeared in almost every fashion show and blog there is. Without further ado, here they are.

The Slip Dress


Slip Dress

For countless summers before and countless summers to come, the slip-dress(or underwear as outer wear) has been and shall remain in trend. It on the catwalk and in the stores, waiting for you to spend your pretty bucks for a summer of comfort coupled with some serious oomph. With its raging popularity in the 90s, the slip dress is no longer to be worn only behind the bedroom doors. Join the world in taking the trend, in all its sequined and lacey charm, out into a sunny day.

Bare or Off-shoulder

Summer dress

Off-shoulder Dress

The off-shoulder top is back in trend. You cannot deny the sexy nonchalance of the ensemble.Pair it with denim tights and statement accessories and we’d prefer if you stick to monochrome or single bold colors on this one instead of crowding the ensemble with prints. It is perfect as an everyday wear item, for an evening out and vacation wear. Elle magazine was right it pointing out that the off-shoulder top is no longer a latest trends, it is a wardrobe essential.

Peekaboo Sheer with Net:

model Dress

Sheer Dress

Sheer is in. This summer, get ready to see a lot of net. Not only is this latest trends is a runway success, it is also a very popular consumer choice. The sheer does have an ethereal feel to it, along with an innate sexiness thanks to just enough skin show keeping everyone hungry for more.

Denim in Latest Trends


It is hardly surprising to see our favorite fabric make the cut. You are not alone is wearing denim till it reaches its raggedy death and good for you, it also tops our latest trends chart. It has made its way across fashion capitals in the spring/summer during Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks to name a few. Dresses, shirts skirts, shorts, you name it and we have it in denim. One of the most versatile fabric to have ever existed, denim is a must have for your closet this summer.

Orange is the new Black


Orange Dress

It is definitely our favorite hue this season. Whether it reminds of you of a glorious sunset or of the citrus goodness, this bold yet pretty color has been making rounds in the designer world. Couple it with black or white and ensure your own personal summer cheer.

Before we sign off, here is the one summer mantra you must never forget. Take a deep breath and chant- Sunscreen.


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