Tips Before You Pick A Hair Color

Tips Before You Pick A Hair Color

Nature programs your genetic makeup in such a manner that your skin, hair and eyes are pigmented in perfect sync (thanks to the pigment called melanin!) and match each other very well. However, coloring hair is in vogue these days, thanks to celebrities and film stars who are endorsing the trend. The choice of color needs to be done with care as wrong color can make you look weird while the right one can enhance your personality very well. Wrong hair color can be a big accident but it is nothing unavoidable.

Here are some tips that would definitely help you choose the right hair color for you:

Be aware of natural color and texture of your hair

hair color texture

Natural Texture of Hair

One of the vital aspects of selecting the right color is to be well aware of the natural shade and texture of your hair. Be as close to the natural shade of your hair if you want the color to complement the same and not look unnatural. For those who need grey coverage with the hair color, it is important to find one which does the same. Similarly, fine hair is more receptive to color, which means that the shade will turn out to be more vivid for these people than those with a coarse hair texture. Hair which has been treated with color or chemical before have lost the protective layer of cuticle and this gives them tendency to be colored faster and the effect will be more prominent too.

Know your skin tone

hair color skin tone

Skin Tone

Another essential aspect of choosing the right color is to know your skin tone and pick a shade accordingly. The general rule of thumb is to go for warm shades if you have warm-toned skin and vice versa. The closer the color to the skin tone, the more natural and beautiful is the end result likely to be.

The type of hair color

hair color type

Select Type of color

It is also important to keep in mind the type of color you are planning to use as semi-permanent color is always less risky because you can always change it the next time around if the result is not up to the mark. Conversely, permanent color is likely to stick around and needs to be picked with care. However, the latter works well on stubborn grays as it offers comprehensive and lasting coverage for them and also gives rich and luxurious hues that last.

Having these tips in mind while selecting the best hair color for you can make you stand out in the crowd, with your crowning glory. If you are still not sure about the haircolor that would give you the best results, it is always better to seek professional advice for the same. So be sure to make the right choice while you color your hair the next time!



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