Things a Single Girl is Sick and Tired of Hearing!

Things a Single Girl is Sick and Tired of Hearing!

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Single! How does your mind react to this word? Being Single is not a disease yet there are people who feel pity if they see someone single. If someone wants to be Single, its their Choice. It’s not that they lack something physically or mentally due to which they are single. Some people just believe in building their career life first before getting a partner. So that they both are secured in life after which they are ready to take their relationship to the next level.  However, some nosey people in our society would never leave them alone. They make sure that get into every single person’s business and here is how they do it.

  • So…you are still Single?

confused-girlsThis question is usually popped up by a friend who you have met after ages or probably a cousin you hardly meet during get together’s. The motive here is to just make you feel like a loser in front of family and friends.

  • How come a pretty girl like you is still Single?

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Because it’s my choice to be Single and are you trying to tell me that all those who are dating or married are not pretty? Being pretty and single is as normal as being a doctor and a wife. It’s not Trigonometry!

  • Why don’t you register on any dating or matrimonial sites-

Its because I don’t think I need to! I am enjoying my singleton and I am not looking for a partner. I have real friends who I am happy with and dating online is certainly not my thing. Thanks for making me feel like a Loser!

  • Don’t you feel lonely at times to not have someone to care for you, I cannot Imagine my life without my bf-

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Good for you, honey! Looks like you always need a man in life to Lean On!  It’s not that I am going to be alone forever; I am waiting for the right person. Being single is better than falling for the wrong person. Right?

  • You are too stubborn, you need to control your attitude-


Sure, My attitude makes me who I am? I would have surely changed it if I felt it is wrong. Being Single is not called having “Attitude”.

  • Don’t you have good-looking single guys at work or class –


Yes, I go head hunting for good looking single guys to work. That’s what my boss pays me for. Give me a break someone!

  • Are you still into your Ex?


No Aunty!  I am over and done! He is not Ranbir Kapoor that I will go under depression. And this definitely has got nothing to do with you. I am just waiting for the right guy this time. That’s it!

  • My boyfriend’s friend is Single, if you want I can hook you up-

calling-1433917-640x480Seriously? Who are you? A middle man (woman). Stop playing cupid here. Listen sister, I don’t need you to fix me. I am not desperately looking to date someone. I am only taking my time. So please let me be!

  • When I was of your age, I had a kid?

grandmaTypical dialogues from your “Mom”, “Maasi’s and “Chachi’s”. Mom during your generation people had 10-12 children. There was no career, there was no family planning. I am sorry I don’t want to sound rude but getting married at the age of 27yrs is quite normal today.

  • All your friends are getting married one by one-

friends marriage

I know that right! Some even have babies. When I find the right match for myself, I will get married too, Mom! Live and Let Live!

To the society, every girl out there is not looking for a man. She will marry when she will find a true soulmate with who she decides to spend her life. Kudos! To all Single girls out there who have been listening all this day in and day out. Are you a single woman? Do you have a unique dialogue to share? Please bring it on…

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