Things to Avoid Doing After 30s

Things to Avoid Doing After 30s


Avoid Doing

You don’t want, when you are turning 30? It’s perfectly fine to feel confused once you reach that age but most people don’t have everything figured by 30. Some things that you probably consider not doing when get to the 30s:

Avoid Doing Binge Drinking

Absolutely not! Binge drinking at 21 is cool but once you turn 30, stay away and avoid doing it. Neither your body can handle that alcohol nor would it be suitable to binge drink unless you were an alcoholic.

Keeping Tabs On Your Ex

Keeping tabs is a lot like stalking your ex so if you are still checking out your ex’s profile on social media and still getting some gossip on what they have been up to then it is time to just let go and enjoy.

Keeping Toxic Friends/Acquaintances Close

Toxic people will only dry your enthusiasm and binge on your emotional health while you are left with nothing worth holding on to. While nobody really pays much attention to emotional health, a must decision for your 30s should be to get rid of all the toxic people.

Living In The Past

Your childhood, your failed relationships, your mistakes and all of your impulsive decisions or things that you aren’t proud of are in the past. Time will sort you out but before that happen, start living in the present.

Texting/Calling While Driving

If you value your life and lives that are associated with you as you live and breathe then stop texting or calling while driving. It isn’t safe and nothing’s too urgent so avoid doing it when you are driving. Pause if the call or text is incredibly urgent or get home safe first and then respond.

Not Taking Care Of Your Health

How many times did you visit your dentist during your 20s? Floss every day, visit your dentist and take care of your health. Get a full health checkup and make sure that you change all those negative habits that are hurting your body.

Not Being Financially Responsible

Expecting a financial rescue from parents once you cross to the 30s is plain irresponsible. Take control of your finances and be accountable about your money.

Worrying About Your Life

Here is the secret: Life is a mystery and nobody really has it sorted! So, go with the flow and make sure that you lead a healthy, living and stable existence.

Being A Diplomat

Unless you are being paid to say yes to everything against your will, don’t. Learn how you can make even the hardest circumstances work for you and just roll with the punches.

As long as you’re responsible for your own actions so avoid doing these things, your 30s will roll out perfectly!



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