Tattoo Designs for Girls with Feminine Looks

Tattoo Designs for Girls with Feminine Looks

Women embrace tattoo as the powerful sign that ramps up their personality and unleashes the best of her before the world. Some look quirky, others look classy but what holds the command is the beauty it embarks on the body. Tattoos that are in feminine design is what preferred by girls as it exhibits her traits for feathering her journey in this life. So, we tell you some amazing tattoo designs for girls that will steal your heart:



Every girl possesses a head of flying like a butterfly, and therefore this butterfly tattoo is what you need to ace your style and bring this to your body. It is an excellent symbol of growth and rebirth. Butterfly tattoo that depicts the transformation of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly who can fly is something what you need to go awe-inspired.

2. Feather:


What does a feather show? It is the lightest but beautiful thing that embraces your personality when you don this beautiful tattoo. These tattoos have different meanings all depending on the type of feather. Most feather tattoos are symbols of love like a free bird. It holds a much deeper and profound meaning to life as these are angelic tattoos.

3. Stars:


The world cannot get over of stars. As they say “reach for the moon, even if you fail you will land among the stars,” this is how the magic of stars takes in life. Star tattoos are the symbol of success and offers immense belief to shine among the crowd like a star. These tattoo designs for girls bring in positivity and unleashes the blazing persona of an individual.

4. Paw tattoos:


Go quirky and sassy with these paw tattoo designs for girls that are wonderful to inspire you for some offbeat work. Paw tattoos are becoming incredibly popular and each one has  a different meaning as they are inked. Dog prints are generally a submit of strength and pride. Cat paws also define cuteness and playfulness at par.

5. Heart:


The heart is where all the talking goes on. Tattoos with hearts are the symbol of love and affection. Heart tattoos are getting prominent as they symbolizes a person’s love for someone else, after all, love has a different meaning and that could go bit intricate. It is a tattoo that is personal and somehow inked with love and affection for someone very special in life.

6. Infinity:


Infinity tattoos are getting the word of mouths like a fire among girls. These tattoos are beautiful and the world adores them. Most of us are not mathematicians,  but the infinity tattoo is not that complex to get the word. These tattoos hold the meaning which means “forever”. Forever is a for long, and while you get this tattoo, you must be getting several prolonged things in the head. It is extremely popular and symbolizes everlasting tattoo designs for girls.

7. Anchor:


Yes, to catch what you need, an anchor tattoo is vivid in all its forms. This tattoo is always associated as the brawny eyes of the sailor. Not all those people who don this tattoo spend their lives in the sea. Anchor tattoo is a strong symbol of stability and people who wear this tattoo are strong headed.

8. Bow:


Bow tattoos are another beauty a girl can embrace on her body. These tattoos might be looked upon as a trivial piece, but the symbolism behind this beauty is more enticing. Bow tattoos can certainly be carved around fingers in order to mark remembrance. These are the tattoo designs for girls of faith and hope.

So girls, have you got one?

Tattoo Designs for Girls





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