Summer Beauty Tips for Cherry Lips & Eyes

Summer Beauty Tips for Cherry Lips & Eyes

The season for dull looks and heavy winter makeup is long gone. Summer styles dictate that you embrace a myriad of colors to usher in a peppy new look.Indeed, this is when you get to flaunt peachy lips with some fruity lip balms and steer clear of the forever in style, (albeit boring) black eyeliner.Get introduced to 2016 summer beauty tips to look your fashionable best this season.

Summer Beauty Tips

  • Cherry Lips


While bright red lips have been in style for ages, trends this year state that you opt to step away from convention. Stylists the world over have adopted a softer shade palette with cherry lips and peachy colors. If you’re looking for a lipstick to flaunt a hep day look, say yes to a satin finish in a cherry blossom shade. For an evening party, dinner or outing you can embrace matte finish in a slightly darker pink.

Everyday wear necessitates a fruity lip balm with options like strawberry, luscious grape and even tangy orange.Immaculate application is all you need once you have picked out the color that best suits your pout.

  • Eyes that Pop and Sparkle Electric

eye makeup

Gone are the days of the steady black eyeliner, for models today are sporting fun summer colors. Grace your eyes with the sparkle of electric color. Blues and greens are all the rage so long as you are opting to go bright. Methods of application vary according to the time of day and event you plan to go to. Feel free to experiment summer beauty tips with bold lines that stretch across your lids or even a thin streak along your lash line.

Smoky eyes with a deep azure are popular as well for concerts, parties and even an evening out with the girls. Order is out and chaos is in essentially ensuring that the right hue works with virtually any application style.

  • Lash Woes


A rich coat of mascara or fake lashes were exceedingly popular last year. However, the trends have changed when the style Gods pronounced that summer was to be all about freshness. In order to count blue eye liner as summer beauty tips, you can choose to keep your lashes simple. There is the added perk that your eye makeup with require no maintenance in the heat. Since mascara could have smudged and fake lashes may come unglued, you are left with easy to manage cyan lashes that perfectly accentuate your eyes.

  • Eye Shadow- Blushing Sunrise

eye shadow

If you’re out during the day and donning a lovely sundress, then you may want to avoid rebel cyan and choose sun colors as summer beauty tips. The blushing sunrise is a great style to sport by simply choosing cherry and peach hues for eye shadow. Perfect for the fair-skinned, those with a slight tan can even opt for a burnished orange unified with a hint of bronze. It is the ideal way to make your eyes stand out while offering you the casual grace of a dainty belle.

Use these beauty tips to be the prettiest belle at the ball and virtually any other event you choose to go to!



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