Solo Travel Destination Japan

Solo Travel Destination Japan


Nagasaki, Japan :Solo Travel

Traveling is an addiction. Some people are born to travel and some travel to reborn. Exploring new destination is always fun and when it is all about solo traveling? Oh! Nothing like it. Traveling all alone helps you to understand yourself. Get ready for your next travel destination – Japan!

About The Destination

Japan is a wonderful country rich in unique culture, mesmerizing natural beauty and charming language. You will find an interesting combination of modern technologies and old magic of Japan next to each other. When you are traveling alone, explore as much as you can. Japan is one of the safest traveling destinations as it holds the 10th rank in peace index.

Best Time To Discover Japan

All the seasons of Japan are gorgeous in their own ways, But if you want the best time then its Autumn or spring and before starting your journey, jot down the locations you want to visit.

Places To Travel Around In Japan


Matsumoto Castle

Tokyo, Kyoto, Nikko, Kamakura, Nara, Takayama, Magome, Matsumoto Castle. The places listed above are the best places to visit in Japan. All these destinations are equally beautiful and special in their own ways. Kyoto and Nikko are mainly famous for shrines and temples. If you are an animal lover, don’t miss a visit to Nara. Kamakura is well known for the second largest Buddha made of Bronze in Japan. Some of them are famous for old towns that are well preserved and old wooden houses.

Accommodation Is An Important Point For Solo Travel


Ryokan- Japanese traditional house

Cities like Kyoto and Tokyo are very luxurious and expensive. So the best and cheapest way to stay here is either in guesthouse or in the hostel. But if the expense is not a bar, then you can try out “Ryokan”- a unique style of accommodation in Japan. To cut the cost of traveling,you can stay in the heart of the cities during your solo travel.

About Transportation

Try to avoid direct public transport. You will get numbers of transportation passes with discounts. This is a very economical and convenient way to explore the country. But before purchasing these passes, go for a quick research on the places you want to see at the time of solo travel.

Taste Of Japan


Delicious Gyoza

Find the taste of Japan in their food. Gyoza, Tempura and Sashimi are famous foods in Japan. Japanese food is a great combination of rich flavors in exclusive ways. So when you are trying something new, you have to come out of your comfort zone.

So what are you waiting for? Let your spirit be free for solo travel.



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