Social Media Addiction and its Symptoms to Know About

Social Media Addiction and its Symptoms to Know About


Social Media Addiction

Before some of you start shaking your head on a dismissive note, allow us assure everyone that Facebook addiction is a real threat. We are not making this up. There have been enough scientific studies on this issue and almost each one of them unanimously concludes that people who spend a large part of their days on Facebook, or for that matter any other social media, show more or less the same symptoms as substance abusers.

If you still have any doubt, go have a look at this study, and this…..also this!

Well, we could keep on throwing scientific evidence about Facebook addiction being real all day, but that’s not the point of this article. Instead, we would like to help you check your own social media habits so you can know for sure whether or not your keen interest in virtual socializing has reached an alarming level.

1) Oversharing

Over-sharing is a common symptom amongst most social media addiction.

At a time, when many people are concerned about their online privacy and security – or the lack of thereof – it feels weird to know that some people are still crossing the line by voluntarily sharing even the most intimate details of their personal lives on social media.

Sure, sometimes it’s perfectly fine to share some aspect of your life, emotion or thoughts with the rest of the world. But as a rule of thumb, it should not be to the point that you end up regretting later.

Do you often find yourself sharing even the most mundane details of your life on Facebook – like using the check-in feature wherever you go, uploading photos of you having lunch, frequent status updates on what’s going on within your mind, what song you are listening to, and so on?

If you do, then you’re definitely a social media addiction.

2) Spending over an hour on the site

According to some estimate, an average Facebook user uses the site for less than half-an-hour a day. However, if you find yourself actively using Facebook for more than an hour, you’ve got a serious problem at hand.

Granted, it’s a different thing to use the site for business purposes – for example, you really can’t blame a social media marketer for spending way much time on Facebook. That’s his job. But for most individual users like you and me, wasting an hour of our life every day on any virtual socializing platform doesn’t really make any sense.

3. Inability to distinguish Facebook from real life

If you are anything like the large majority of social media addiction, odds are pretty high that there have been times when you saw something posted on Facebook, only to later rekindle it as an actual memory. It may sound absurd, but it’s a pretty common phenomenon even amongst many regular, non-addict social media users.

This is an indicator of the worrying fact that over indulgence in Facebook is slowly hijacking your ability to distinguish the real life from virtual life.

4) Unusually large friend list and/or excessive wall posts

It’s pretty common for most social media addiction to take the website for an ego-related thing, and that in turn, prompts them to build a social media portfolio of some sort. Often this portfolio is used to represent whoever it is that they want to become in their real lives.

Adding a seemingly never-ending stream of photos and status updates may be a pretty effective way to kill time, but it’s certainly not the most practical or useful thing that you could do with the limited time at your disposal.
Also, unless you are a celebrity of some sort, probably it’s unusual to have a massive friend list comprising people that you may not even know in real life.

Social Media Addiction

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