Saying no to your Boss without Making Him Discomfort

Saying no to your Boss without Making Him Discomfort

Refuse your Boss

Saying no to your Boss

Are you that person who is very straightforward in life, no matter what the situation is? You don’t feel a need to pull yourself back even while confronting your boss. But you do know that you need to learn the trick to pull yourself back because no matter how straightforward you are, certain situations demand you to put that façade of ‘being fake’ and syncing your words with what the other person is saying. And yes! Especially so when it comes to your boss. But what if there is a new route which you can take to confront him? Saying no to your boss without making him angry? Well! Even you know how advantageous it would be for you to learn that technique. So focus your thoughts to the five tips below to learn exactly the same; how to say ‘no’ to your boss without discomforting him:

A Subtle Start

Let’s take a situation. ‘You are called into your boss’ office. You enter and find him working on a proposal to which he demands your cognizance. You go through the proposal and find flaws that immediately need to be corrected, now what to do’? Experts say that the way forward is not to directly take the whole proposal off the cards but to be subtle about it. Start presenting your opinion by saying that ‘the proposal looks fine but certain things need to be changed to cater to the customer’. Don’t use terms like ‘improved upon’ or ‘this should be eradicated’ because that will establish a power tussle between you and your boss which might prove detrimental for your job.

Stay Calm

While doing the above, it is of utmost importance to stay calm. Be it this or any other situation, staying calm in front of your boss will always help. It will keep you on a higher platform and you will be more confident of what you are saying. Staying calm will also help you to frame your ‘statement of negation’ in the words that would not make your boss angry. Thus maintaining a sense of positivity to yourself will definitely get you an upper edge in the situation.

Present Logical Arguments

Remember that your boss is your ‘boss’ because he has passed through your stage or is better qualified than you when it comes to handling organizational matters. Hence it is of utmost importance for you to saying no to your boss with logical and appropriate facts since your boss might turn your whole argument down if he finds flaws in it.

Empathy Is The Key

Saying that you ‘understand’ him/her (your boss) and then presenting your points will definitely help the situation to be biased in your favor. Since this will add a sense of ‘interpersonal effort’, your boss will listen to you with more intent. Showing empathy will also make him feel that you are on his side and whatever your arguments are be serve best in the company’s interest.

Set Limitations Early In Your Tenure

Now comes the most important tip. If you have a five day schedule for office and you are still doing work on sixth day while staying at home, you need to tap into this tip. The secret to working only five days a week is setting your boundaries quite early in the tenure. Saying no to your boss that it would be difficult to work on weekends will set your limit and you won’t be henceforth given work.

Saying no to your Boss

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