Rules for planning a family weekend getaways

Rules for planning a family weekend getaways

Our soul needs some peace and body wants to relax as weekend passes by in the blink of an eye. We hardly get a chance to spend quality time with our family. So just plan a family weekend getaways by keeping the following rules in your mind-

Understanding family dynamics

Different families would have different tastes and preferences depending on the age and number of people involved. It’s very important to understand this dynamic and make plans accordingly– suiting the needs of the majority.

Shuffle your wish list and tick mark

The first and most important thing is to decide a place, keeping in mind that the destination is not too far away from your home; else you will end up driving the entire day.

Assigning responsibilities

Before the trip commences it’s very important to sit with the family members to chalk out definite plans and assign specific responsibilities to every member. Some of these can be: Logistics, Itinerary, Cashier (Fund Manager), Music and Food and Photography. This would avoid unnecessary confusion and also ensure active participation of each and every family member making it an enjoyable trip for all.

Where to stay

This is a very important point which you should keep in mind while planning a weekend getaways, especially when you are travelling with your family. You must choose a place where you can relax, breath in fresh air, have some activity (for kids) and spend some quality time with your family. So before you set your destination make sure you check all reviews on the place.

Assigning meal responsibilities

When you are travelling with family, you have to take extra care of snacks and meals as well. If you have kids, you can carry juices, fresh fruits and dry but healthy snacks.

Don’t forget to plan activities

Make sure that your trip is entertaining. You might have family members from different generation. To dissolve the bridge between youngsters and elderly,do plan activities like dumb charades game, singing and dancing in which everyone can participate, enjoy and cherish each and every moment.

Sharing and caring

Family is the only happiness which you cannot buy with money.If you have family you have everything. While sitting together, share your words with each other, smile, laugh and strengthen the family bond. And yes don’t forget to discuss about the next weekend getaways.

Make your family trip a memorable one so that you can say “I wish weekends never end”.

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