Put NEON Color in Wardrobe

Put NEON Color in Wardrobe


NEON Color

If you see a neon dress on the runway and despite appreciating the beauty, cannot help but remember the orange cone in the middle of the road, you are not alone. Neon color is certainly one of the biggest worldwide trends this season but the boldness of the colors do have the tendency to look and feel over-exaggerated. Not everyone can pull off the neon color in all its bold and signature glory. But then, is it really necessary to wear neon color from head to toe? There are way more practical ways to sport a more understated and subtle look with neon adorning your ensemble.

So we went about looking for ways the everyday woman can add a little neon color playfulness into their wardrobe without being mistaken as a glow sign and this is what we found.

1. That NEON Color jacket





You don’t necessarily have to rule the neon out of your clothing choices. You just need to be sparser about it. Wear your dress or top in a light shade, say white or beige, and couple it up with a bright orange jacket or neon pink or green. Go crazy with the colors. All you must ensure is that the rest of your attire is simple.

2. The neon lip/nail color


Before you picture an American bar-girl caked in baby-pink, hear us out. A neon lip can look very attractive when the look is right. Coupled with lighter shades in clothing and understated make-up, a neon lip color like the one below can do wonders to take your simple look to a whole new level with that little dash of bold color.

3. Neon pumps


There you go- the jackpot. Please do not lie to yourself and claim that you have never lusted after that gorgeous pair of lemon yellow stilettos from outside the shop-window. You may have joined the majority of the fairer sex in rejecting those perfect pair of shoes for not knowing what to wear it with and we don’t fault you for that.

4. Statement necklace/bracelet


So you are going to the office. Cannot wear loud stuff. So what? The fashionista within mustn’t die a corporate death. Get a statement bracelet or an earring, very neon, very chic and wear it with the suit. Neon in your accessories opens up a wide array of choices and stores are more than willing to show them to you.

5. Scarf


There is an LBD you have worn a thousand times and are utterly bored with but you can’t just throw it away. Listen to a sister and add a neon scarf. Remember ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ and what the green scarf had done for Rebecca Bloomwood? It could be a similar case for you and with a pop of neon.

The key to keeping it subtle is to not have too many neon items as part of your ensemble. Just one or two at a time, not too much but just enough to be fantastically fluorescent.




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