Punjabi Traditional Juttis are Currently Trending

Punjabi Traditional Juttis are Currently Trending

Women while shopping for their trousseau comes out too unconventional these days an opting for juttis rather than those common stilettos. Yes, ladies are crunching over jutti like never before as this market is evolved from those laid back boring jutti. There were times when getting your favorite pair was all bespoke, but today the market of jutti has gone to a next level. You haven’t heard of it? Really?

Jutti is all over, and came out from that mundane box of wearing with ethnic patiala salwar to be one enchanting piece for every attire. Let’s find out how to grab these fashion-centric juttis in the best price:

1. Needledust: Bespoke Fine Leather Jutti


Handcrafted Jutti

Get some coveted piece of handcrafted jutti that brings in the charm of artisans pice who is longing to transform it to some high street fashion. At Needledust, get your hands from floral prints to some fine artisan work that describes teh richness of India and deliver panache at par. Give a voguish addition to your wardrobe, by making these jutti a must have this season.

2. Juttichoo:  High Street Style With Jutti

juttis Punjabi

Punjabi Jutti

Juttichoo is reviving the way, Punjabi jutti is perceived. Yes, for many jutti need to be the most precise footwear that was flaunted only with patialas and ethnic wear. But here, it’s time to get the notch of jutti that describes high fashion and are super comfy. Juttichoo offers many variants and designs that you can take home and swing in the way that is super cool and peppy.

3. Fizzy Goblet: The New Era Of Fashionable Jutti


Fizzy Goblet Jutti

Fizzy Goblet describes the newness and refreshing vibes with some beautiful jutti this season. Gone are those days when they were boring with limited options and style at place. Now, jutti is peeping in the style brigade with some out-of-the-box styles that are simply getting on heads. Fizzy Goblet is satiating women’s yearn for jutti and footwear that majorly describes the refreshing touches of the woman of today.

4. Punjabi Jutti Store: An Extended Legacy

punjabi juttis

Khussa Jutti

As the name says it all, Punjabi jutti store is the perfect appetite for all those women who are searching for the real vibes of Punjabi jutti and yes, Punjabi Jutti store is yearning for serving the best to ethnicity. These juttis are handcrafted by the local artisans and speaks for the vividness in these beautifully carved out pieces. They have a wide range for men, women to children and serve the purpose for every Fashionista. They are the pioneers in serving the Punjabi households with the very famous Khussa juttis.

5. My Libaz: Juttis For The Purpose



Conventional Style Jutti

When you are looking for some conventional styles that simply serve the purpose, you must hunt My Libaz. They have a wide variety of jutti that comes in the most decent designs and when you talk about the authenticity, it  offers some impeccable work by artisans that defines its durability. The world of jutti is not limited to street shops now, its time to explore and fill your bags to flaunt some stunning colors this summer.

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