Pros Cons of Marrying a Divorcee

Pros Cons of Marrying a Divorcee


Marrying a Divorcee

When your significant other is  getting married to a divorced, getting married seems like a major decision. Here are the pros and cons of going for a divorced spouse:

Expectations while Marrying a Divorcee

Pros: The biggest pro of marrying a divorcee is that they keep expectations in check and having been through a failed marriage is something that helps them grow as a person. Thus, a divorced and re-married spouse will understand how to handle expectations and manage disappointment in a marriage while not discouraging the romance and interest.

Cons: Sometimes, not having any higher expectations or not talking dreamy situations with your partner for the fear of facing disappointment is what might drain the romance in a marriage. So, if the spouse is entering a marriage with zero expectations and is not communicating the fear of losing another marriage well then the romance might go out of control.


Pros: Somebody who has been married before would already understand how to handle the busy married life. They’d be better equipped at dealing with emotional outbursts and will be good problem solvers so the marriage won’t strain their mood and personal space.

Cons: Divorce settlement can be financially damaging for many so marrying a divorcee has this financial downside to it. There may be children from prior marriage so if it is a woman who is getting married again then the second husband will have to manage the custody and financial care of the children.

Past Experience

Pros: Someone who has already been in a marriage knows what to do, what to say and how to do/say it. So, someone who has faced a failed marriage will understand how to manage expectations and not go overboard with the stress that might build up.

Cons: Being in a marriage that is breaking apart and then undergoing a divorce is not only financially excruciating but it also takes a toll on the mental faculties. Being with such a spouse can be traumatizing for many since they are afraid to trust again. Thus, working on making such a marriage stable can be hard.

Stability And Commitment

Pros: Someone who has been married will know how important stability and commitment is in a marriage. Such a spouse will work hard on maintaining realistic and committed relationship doing what strengthens a marriage.

Cons: A divorcee entering a marriage will have commitment issues worrying about how it might go this time. Often people who have been through such traumatizing experiences have problem trusting people so the marriage might not work due to the paranoia.





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