Perfect Honeymoon Destinations

Perfect Honeymoon Destinations

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Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon is one of the best opportunities for a couple to indulge in exotic accommodations, sumptuous dining and white-glove service. Whether you’d like to visit a secluded beach destination or opt for a lavish resort extravaganza, this is the perfect time to make your dreams come true with the one you truly one. Honeymoons are the best times for couples to spend quality time with each other and explore some new cities. We bring you 5 amazing honeymoon destinations that will be the perfect romantic getaways post your wedding ceremony.

1. Bali : Honeymoon Destinations


Bali is a favorite honeymoon destinations for couples who are looking for an exotic stay with indulgent comforts at an affordable price. It offers some outstanding attractions and incredibly delicious food for honeymooners. Couples can relax with luxury spa therapies, treat themselves to decadent cuisines and just enjoy the lazy sunbathing. Adventure loving couples can also visit the new paths in the volcano, explore the various temples and discover the town of Kuta.

2. Santorini

Santorini Honeymoon

Greece has always welcomed romance with its pretty landscapes and beautiful architecture. The country is home to some of the most mesmerizing islands in the world, like Santorini. Head here for a secluded and peaceful honeymoon as you indulge in the quiet island life around. The sunset at Oia village will definitely be the highlight of your honeymoon and this trip will definitely be a catalyst for a romantic married life ahead.

3. Maldives


If you’re craving a super-luxurious honeymoon with your spouse, Maldives is the perfect honeymoon destinations. With over 1200 islands to choose from to unwind together, this destination offers a galore of fascinating stay options. Right from tree house resorts to over-the-water bungalows, a holiday here is full of indulgent comforts. The delectable cuisine, pristine waters and orange sunset will make you want to come here every year!

4. Paris


The city of light spells romance like nothing else in the world. Recreate a romantic movie with a honeymoon in Paris as you kiss under the spectacular Eiffel Tower and celebrate your love in the most captivating city. The world-class museums, gourmet French cuisines, charming architecture and an unmatched personality and atmosphere make Paris a global favorite for honeymooners. A honeymoon here might be a little expensive, but since you go on a honeymoon only once in a lifetime, Paris will surely be worth it.

5. Italy


Another European favorite oozing with romance and love, Italy has been a highly popular honeymoon destination for the world. Opt for a gondola ride or a romantic dinner date at a rooftop restaurant to celebrate your love in a unique style. Head to Venice for a time full of surprises, Italian cuisines and amazing attractions.

Your honeymoon should definitely be a grand affair for it to be one of the most treasured memory of your life. It will probably be one of the first holidays you enjoy as a couple and therefore, make sure it is as rewarding as possible at these magnificent destinations!



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