Parenting Fails Sometimes(Part1) : Restrictions

Parenting Fails Sometimes(Part1) : Restrictions


Sometime Parenting Fails

Hazaron khwahishein aisi, ki har khwahish pe dum nikle,

Bahut nikle mere armaan, lekin fir bhi kam nikle..

And that’s how parenting fails, with dreams which never would see the light of day, a full stop without even a sentence written.

It doesn’t take a very enlightened mind to be conscious of the brutal massacre of dreams everyday around them. Have a good look nearby. Tiny shoulders carrying kilos of bags, souls as fresh as the first rain look weary and tired as the fall sky, silent and lifeless eyes. And the best part is that it does not stop just here, it’s not only the institutions imparting knowledge but their own homes where it all starts, a never ending vicious loop.

The issue though isn’t completely unnoticed and have been brought to the front by various mediums of communications. A movie released not long back by the name “Taare Zameen Par” was an honest attempt to highlighted a no. of issues faced by the little ones in this cruel world scenario. The bitter truth though being that it’s just not those suffering from mental disorders but also those who are slowly being pushed into it. Depression and stress related disorders are on the rise among little kids who barely even know the meaning of such words and that’s how parenting fails!!

What we desperately require now is to understand the root cause of the various acts and pressures that lead to an early loss of innocence and childhood among the very future of our world, and that is what we shall do.


Though the title clearly indicates the line of thought, but still, let me take you along for a moment to a general household in a growing peaceful city. The scene zooms in to a small well-furnished room that shows a family of four deeply engrossed in an award show on the TV. A popular Bollywood song is playing and few actors could be seen performing for the show. The little girl amongst the four suddenly blurts out in a very excited and high-pitched voice, “I want to be a movie star when I grow up”.

Father turns his eyes from the screen, “Nahi beta, ye sab bahut kharaab log hote hai. Aap toh doctor banoge, hain na? “, and peacefully goes back to enjoying the show not realizing at all the impact of his statement on the future of the little one and this way parenting fails.

The euphoric moment now is past as the girl lowers her head and goes back to wistfully staring at the screen while slowly replacing the stage and the actors with pearly white clad humans doling out prescriptions and hidden behind a mound of books. Nobody realized what happened, but cold blooded and painfully, in that well-lit and happy room, an innocent dream died. There are always some points which prove that parenting fails.

Now looking at the whole scenario objectively, maybe the father has his own reasons, experiences from his own time, that led to such a direct judgment. But then is it fair to the little girl? Most of us get through a majority and sometimes complete lives without even knowing who we truly are. And how would one unless and until they explore.

People make their peace in the midst of faraway jungles, it’s while following the snowy trails of a sleepy valley where they find themselves, a life that waits for them as their destiny. How can they ever live if they never even tried? And how can you even think of truly exploring with so many restrictions around?

I would like to take this chance here and ask the parents the same question as in the movie “Accepted”

Did the system actually work for your guys? Did it allow you to follow your hearts or to just play safe by the rules? Did you always wanted to be a software engineer/doctor/whatever you are in your life?  Did the system ever give a fair chance to understand what you truly are? these are the ways that how parenting fails.

Yes, life wasn’t fair to you. Yes, you couldn’t follow your heart for whatever reasons you had. But then is it fair to pass on the same life of meritocracy and compromises over to your child? and makes parenting fails !!!


Parenting Fails

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