Paracetamol Side Effects Consuming during Pregnancy

Paracetamol Side Effects Consuming during Pregnancy


Paracetamol Side Effects

As pregnancy undergoes with several pains, it is essential for some pregnant women to take medicines like paracetamol and pain killers to eradicate the budding pain. However, the pain so induced in the body is unbearable and women or pregnant moms take help of painkillers to get relieved from the excruciating pain. But using painkillers in pregnancy may result into reduced fertility in subsequent generations, according to a research.

In the recent tests that were conducted on rats it was revealed that when a mother was given painkillers during pregnancy her female offspring had fewer eggs, smaller ovaries and comparatively smaller litters of babies than those who were not exposed to this drug.

Women generally tend to get normal pain-killers in order to avoid the pain and without any medical consultation consume paracetamol and such drugs, but again it is important that during pregnancy a consultation for every small pain and health deficiency should be done. As per the above study, the findings are considered crucial considering the similarity between reproductive systems of rats and humans. However, it is difficult to directly extrapolate these results to pregnant women and noted as paracetamol side effects.

Take Proper Medical Prescriptions Before Consuming Paracetamol


In the recent research,  it was also observed that paracetamol side effects the mother’s immediate offspring the drugs also showed its effect on the subsequent generation of rats. The resulting females – the grand-daughters of the mother, given painkillers in pregnancy – also had reduced ovary size and altered reproductive function, said the researchers. Even the male offspring were also exposed to reduce no. of cells that give rise to sperms in the later stage of life. Therefore, using paracetamol during pregnancy for prolonged time interval can cause reproductive disorders in male babies as well. University of Edinburgh scientists found the painkiller interrupted the production of testosterone when given for seven days. However, their reproduction function backs to normal when they reach to adulthood, but for the time being it comes with an issue in male babies as well.

As paracetamol is considered to be a safest pain killer for pregnant women, this study is a wake-up alarm for many who are still consuming the medicines without any consultation. As per NHS, guidelines paracetamol should be taken in pregnancy only if it is necessary and that too for the shortest possible time. Paracetamol has been used in all stages of pregnancy to combat mild fevers to pain that arises when you are going through pregnancy. Make sure you shorten the dose of paracetamol as if taken once in a month it won’t cause paracetamol side effects but regular consumption for any normal pain it is not advised. If you are taking any medicine during your pregnancy you must take the dose for shortest possible time and if the taken dose doesn’t sort your problem and often you are in pain then you are advised to consult your doctor for the same.

Stay blessed with a happy pregnancy and a glorious motherhood!


Paracetamol Side Effects

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