Never Take advice of Women’s Health from Magazines

Never Take advice of Women’s Health from Magazines

Most women’s health magazines have a dubious reputation of spreading half-truths or misinformation that adversely affects the intellect of their readers– especially that of young teenagers. In fact, once I was told by a female friend that she felt these magazines were part of a vast conspiracy to make young women dumb (for reasons that extend beyond the ambit of this article).

While her assessment seemed a little too far fetched to me, one can’t deny that most of these women’s health magazines, in essence, contain nothing but frivolous, false, unhelpful, and even harmful information cleverly camouflaged with glossy pages and attractive models.

Don’t misread the message though – nobody is suggesting anything contemptible about the followers of these women’s health magazines. From my limited knowledge, these magazines could be of great use for their fashion tips and whatever else that they may cover.

However, when it comes to health and fitness, it’s truly a bad idea to pay heed to the god awful health advice by these magazines. Let me explain why:

1) You Will Never Have A Healthy And Fit Body By Simply Going On A Crash Diet Or Buying A Particular Product

First and foremost, reading most of these women’s health magazines will give an unsuspecting reader the vibe that losing weight or maintaining physical fitness essentially involves buying into some new trend or product – be it fad dietary regimen such as the Bulletproof Diet or supplements such as green coffee beans.

Moreover, just a casual look over some of these women’s health magazine covers, and you will see how they’re trying to fool their readers with headlines such as: “Bikini Body in 7 Days”, “Hot Body Express”, and……well, you know where we’re heading.

Of course, these are out-and-out lies. ,

They have to lie – because, if they told their readers what science has to say about weight loss, they would be out of business pretty soon.

So, instead of following their advice and opting for some miracle diet or magic pills, readers may just well comprehend the fact that losing weight and maintaining a fit body involves carefully watching what they eat, in addition to regular physical activities.

2) There’s No Need To Be Super-Strict About Women’s Health Diet

It’s always useful if you can refrain yourself from giving into temptations and maintain a healthy daily diet. However, there’s no need for you to achieve 100% perfection in your diet every time. That’s because few people in this world can genuinely live on steamed fish and kale smoothies every freaking day for the rest of their lives. Ask any of your friends about their experience with a  restrictive diet and you will hear dreadful, disappointing story every time (unless of course, they are good liars). Even experts seem to agree on the fact that restrictive diets are seldom sustainable and eventually backfire in most cases.

However, women’s health magazines tend to differ. They seem to fixate on awfully strict eating habits – more often not, they will ask you to follow whichever diet is in trend at a given time. These advice may make great headlines, but on a closer look, they seem to never actually work.

The truth here is, if you stick to healthy eating habits most of the times and quickly regroup for your next meal after a couple of big indulgences, this won’t have any noticeable impact on your ongoing weight-loss efforts.

3) Are You A Substance Abuser? No? Then Probably You Don’t Really Need To Detox

I can vouch that in every issue of all the women’s health magazines you have ever come across at least a couple of products or diet that can supposedly help you “cleanse” or detox your body. From detoxifying smoothies and salads to clarifying face wash and shampoo.

Heck, while doing my research for this article, I even came across one women’s health magazine that claimed drinking a particular type of detox tea could help their readers 70 pounds!

However, before you follow any of those suggestions and end up harming yourself, you should probably know that the claimed benefits of most of those products are as real as the two-headed spaghetti monster is.

Truth be told, there’s no scientific evidence whatsoever in favor of the concept of detox – unless of course you are referring to a certain situation when somebody has been poisoned or is slowly dying of heroin addiction.

Oh, and by the way, those were only three reasons why you should never follow women’s health magazines.  The list could go and on and on and on….! But we guess, we’ve already made the point.

Remember, when it comes to staying healthy and physically fit, there’s no alternative  eating healthy, working out regularly.

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