Need to Know About Workout Food

Need to Know About Workout Food

As soon as you finish your workout, your body literally calls out for some energy to rejuvenate the system back. An intense workout session boosts your hunger pants and all you need is some good energy to be in full swing. Hitting the gym is just half battle, eating right and on time is the other course and it has to be right. What say? Every day when you hit the gym, exhaustion rises to neck and the next day comes out as impossible. Here a proper intake, that is filled with all the power foods on your plate to serve the purpose known as workout food.

Let’s unroll some super foods that you can eat just after workouts and say hello to a super healthy life:

1. Eggs are good as Workout Food


We all swear by eggs, they are protein rich and contains a branched rich amino acid for faster recovery. There are trendy foods that come and go, but eggs stick to their words, they have a golden standard. With just 70 calories per piece, eggs are power packed with the all 9 essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein). Yes, to fill in your belly and the essential nutrients, don’t throw away that yellow yolk as it is home to half protein.

2. Sweet potatoes


To get all the essential carbohydrates, swear to this super food and be on the top. Workout food, the need of carbohydrates is on a rise and what fills the belly and bind all the broken glycogen is wholesome carbohydrate food i.e. sweet potatoes. Instead of that butter and fat rich options, get your hand on this bonafide diet.

3. Cherry juice

cherry juice

Cherries are a blessing for healthy sex life and an arsenal of antioxidants to fight off all the muscle damage. Cherry juice is one miraculous drink to beat the muscle soreness, and brings the extra strength loss in the gym after that powerful workout.

4. Green tea

green tea

Green tea is power packed with antioxidants and has all the necessary ingredients to get you on the track. It is an energy boost and a fat burner, which is a healthy consumption just after the gym. It is a new green juice with the goodness of excessively induced free radicals that may cause inflammation. Go old school and try the variants for green tea with that hot cup to that cooled green ice tea.

5. Chocolate milk

chocolate milk

The cravings to drink something after a workout is more than any diet. Yes, drinking a good cup of chocolate milk is unbeatable and the taste adds the brownie points. It has all the hydration that you need and the nutrients will help you recover instantly. The ace nutritionists believe that to get recover in no time, chocolate milk is a must try.

6. Grilled chicken and mixed veggies

grilled chicken and veggies

After a workout your body is in recovery mode so you need something that is dense in nutrients known as workout food. Chicken that is filled with lean protein and carbohydrates fills you up without getting over bloated. Toss some veggies in olive oil to keep your ticker in perfect shape.

Give your savors a healthy taste!!




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