Nail Trends Anyone Can Master

Nail Trends Anyone Can Master

Nail Art fashion

Nail Trends

What better and easiest revolution for all the fashion divas out there? Yes, it is nail trend and multiple ways of experimenting with it. Nails that we pull off may get over our head and bring in more of work than less of a fashion statement. But yes, for all those girls we tell you some nail trends that let you gaga and make you look even more enchanting. So, are you ready to pull off some:

1. Single Stripes :Nail Trends

Nail Art DesignsEven if you are artistically challenged, single stripes on nails are super amazing and super easy. A magic on the nails that accounts for a different look altogether. With some contrasting colors and simple designs, it definitely calls for  a modern touch. For some serious experimentation, you can say no to that heavy coat and simply flaunt stripes in your favorite shade.

2. Minimalist Look

minimalist nails

Minimalism is voluntary simplicity and the world is ravening the same in their fashion statements. This season try ditching all the complicated designs and tune with something chic and something unconventional. Less is more and when you don your nails with some minimalist nail art, you are actually weaving new nail trends. Simply go for a favorite nail design that is super simple and paint your nails with minimalism.

3. Negative Space

Nail Art Style

This could be the biggest hit of last year or so, but mind you guys, this nail art is still stirring high on nail trends. It is much in style as it was before and voila, it is super easy to wear. The negative space here refers to the natural hue of your nails that peeks through the abstract designs on the rest of the nail.

4. Metallic Mania

Nail Paint

Metal mania is unbeatable and girls have mastered in this like never before. If you are just lazy pants and do not have much time for that nail art and DIYs, metal mania is for you. Remember to buff your nails before applying nail paints as it makes the surface smooth and metal colors look sharp and clear on such nails.

5. Nude Nails

Nude Nail ArtThis season is trending with some offbeat shades of nude and girls mind you, you can go and experiment with all the latest nail trend on nude hues. It is classy and timeless nail color and when experimented with golden stripes and designs, it accentuates the look like never before. You may use gold nail jewelry or tapes for that matter to unleash some best of fashions and style with nudes.

6. Glass Nails

glass nails

You must have heard “Mirror, mirror on the wall….and now it’s the mirror story on your nails. Yes, mirror or glass nails are super hit this season and make use of cell phone paper to create a blazing glass effect. It is one of a kind nail art and made all the hit charts since it is discovered. This nail art could turn your usual quotient to some out of the box charts and yes girls, it delivers the bright appearance that is hard to resist.



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