Most Flattering Nail Shapes For You

Most Flattering Nail Shapes For You

Nails are bliss in a woman’s life as they can experiment with it in the multiple ways and of course look for peace for their styles. Nail shapes are compose of keratin , the same component hairs are composed of and in this way they can make a huge difference with various styles just like your hair. And to pamper nails, there is nothing like manicure that can replenish your nails in the most beautiful way and ooze out your nails as a new buy.

Coming to the shape of nails, they are highly influenced by the runway trends or for that matter imitating their biggest celebs. So, let’s talk about various nail shapes that can be donned this season to make the most of your look:

Round nails:


Easy, convenient and fuss-free, this is the look for almost every women. If you look for durability in your nail shape with a tidy makeover, this look is for all those lasses. Simply keep them short and flush out the maintenance issues, as these nails are there to make a long stay. They do not get easily chipped off or tear and this style is for the all the goers.

Sharp corner square nails:


When we talk about nail shapes, this one is indeed one favorite of many. This nail shapes look best on long and thin fingers and accentuate your hands as a million affair. Said to be one powerful nail shape that catches the attention, this look is for all those bold divas who are looking for some offbeat try. The worst part of this nail shape is one–  the sharp edges of these nails are more prone to get chipped and stuck in clothes.

Square oval nails:


Talking about most common nail shape, oval nails are easy to be shaped up. This shape is another take on French manicure long sharp nails. It is one of the softer look than those sharp edge square nails. Also knows as squaoval, this nail shape is going gaga for many girls. With less issues of wear and tear, you can team this season with these nails and get yourself all smoky and sizzling vibes.

Stiletto nail shape:


OMG!!! This nail shape is certainly for the fierce souls who are more readily experimenting with their nails than their styles. Stiletto nail shape, just like stiletto heels define nails in the most pensive form. It is pointy and is sexy. Trending like anything this season as celebs like Beyoncé, Fergie and Rihanna are flaunting these nails with various designs and some pop out colours from nudes to intense. These nails offer an illusion of large fingers and when you have to flaunt these nails, you are definitely going to get many eyes.

Almond nail shape:

almond nails

This is another version or we can say the alter ego of stiletto nail shape but bit shorter. This nail shape signifies almonds and is inspired by celebs of 1950s who used to don these kind of nails. All you have to do is file them on the sides and make the tip pointy. The only cons of these nail shape are– they make the nails fragile and lead nails reluctant to growth.

Now you have the trending nail shapes in head, make your next salon visit more exciting by opting for these nails.

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