Men Style Fashion: Fall Winter 2016-2017

Men Style Fashion: Fall Winter 2016-2017


Men Style

Well, the fall of winter is here and the new Indian metrosexual man is out searching for the latest trends this year. In contrast to the clichéd misconception of not enough men style in the Indian market, this year serves new and unique vogue on the platter of men’s fashion. Adhering to the latest, find out below the top 5 men style this fall winter:

1) The Legacy of Suits for Men style

While previous years saw a trademark change in the market of suits where the old trends of classic men’s suits got replaced new funky and stripped ones, the classics have revived themselves this year. With major brands all over the world including India showcasing them, have a look here at the latest in the market of suits.

2) A Fashion Overlap

Bought from women’s trends, jeggings are the latest vogue in men’s fashion. As unique as it may sound, the market is full of jeggings of different styles exclusively for men with celebrities all over the world flaunting them. Try them for sure this fall.

3) Round Sunglasses

They have hit the men’s market hard and with positive results. The market for aviators, as it goes out of luster, is being replaced by round sunglasses. Considered nerdy earlier, they have become the new trend this season with men already flaunting them at day parties all over India’s metropolitans. Make sure you give them a try this winter.

4) Suede Shoes

A combination of the classic and the contemporary, suede shoes have found themselves a lot of following in the men’s shoe market, specially this season. As casual as they may seem to be, men today are flaunting them at high-end meetings and formal parties. From boots to loafers, they come in all the available styles in the shoe market. Go out and try them now.

5) Cold and Bold

Now that your attire seems perfect, there is one more thing mandatory to add. Yes, a cologne with an aroma pleasant enough and attractive for most people around you. The perfume that tops the chart is Armani code closely followed by Calvin Klein’s eternity night. You can also go for more formal fragrances which come at a cost though. Try Dior Homme Eau or Burberry London.



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