Marriage Rules That Call Real Reform

Marriage Rules That Call Real Reform

The age old rigid rules are far flashy to the existence of the modern world. Working in the kitchen and waiting for your husband to get home and offer him a sumptuous dinner that drags away his exhausted day at work in minutes. If you do it, great! but otherwise do not curse yourself for not making those round chapattis. The laid back regressive marriage rules have reshaped in a most congenial way. The good news is couples are making peace with the modern life and women are doing supremely great in this ride.

Your Husband Is Your Identity

Well, in the saat pheras it is true that all the rituals make you believe the fact that your husband is your soul mate for many more lives to come. Wake up, making identities with your husband recognition is old school. Make an identity that claims for your actions. Do not diminish yourself in the daily routine.

You Need To Be Selfless

Thinking of sacrificing your wishes in front of others is the reason of happy married life at the time back. Today, when the modernization is laddering like never before, go grasp the opportunity, as you may not get the chance again.

Good Girls Remain Hush Hush About Sex

Women earlier believed in summoning themselves before their husband. Men overpowered and took her over. Today, a woman has all her rights to demand for her needs and desires. Be vocal with your husband about your necessities and take pride in being a rational.

The Husband Has To Be The Sole Bread Earner

Really? Do we follow that anymore? Men and women together are grabbing pay checks at home to fabricate a safer career before themselves. The husband is no more the sole earner and women are doing her bit in putting their future in safe hands. It is an unspoken obsolete marriage reform.

Ego Boost For Men

Men who came home tired and exhausted and sometimes with failing business, needs massive support system and a big ego drive. What about women? They are also engaged between work, family and herself, doesn’t she need a good pat on her back?

You Marry The Family Added as Marriage Rules

Respect them and ask for respect in return. You do not have to fumble in a bad environment and where you are not treated well. Just because you are married and related to your in-laws you have to bear all the pain in marriage rules. Take your responsibilities in hand and look out for bliss.

He Manages The Money

Women are turning as the best team players and subjugating the myth of “bad with finance”. They do not splurge unnecessarily and undoubtedly the modern day money managers. Trust your woman as she is a manager of the house and doing her best without a doubt.

Now, you also believe in the reshaping marriage rules, don’t you?


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