Marriage Fights Like Newly Wed Couple-how to Stop it?

Marriage Fights Like Newly Wed Couple-how to Stop it?

Wedding Couple

Marriage Fights

It is as casual a problem as it sounds but sometimes accompanies disastrous results. Yes! I am talking about the marriage fights that today’s couples have become accustomed to. Throughout the times, fighting between couples has been legitimized in the Indian society and there has been almost no literature condemning it since the result of that marriage fights was never separation. Well! Almost. But with our society becoming more westernized day by day, the enmity between couples today is leading to an unprecedented level of divorce rates throughout the country, more so due to less time couples these days get to talk to each other as a result of busy schedules. Building on the same thought, it is of utmost importance for couples to keep fighting at bay so that they can lead a healthy married life. But how to achieve it? Given below are ways to sort out those small issues that can develop marriage fights and lead to much horrific results later:

Identify Problems

Lack of problem identification is one of the main reasons that couples fight. And it becomes simple to point it out. Most couples realize post fighting that neither of them knows the actual cause they are fighting for since more often than not, the path the arguments take lead nowhere. Hence psychologists in the field constantly push the idea of identifying problems since that makes arguments more constructive and leads to a peaceful and rational solution to the problem at hand.

Taking Time- Out

Not a time out from the fight! The suggested time being talked about here is finding time for each other. With busy schedules, most couples find themselves low on time more often than not. Tiring schedules result in exhaustion which in turn amount to baseless fighting with your spouse once at home. Hence, it is important to find half an hour daily for yourself and yout partner to discuss daily issues which might explode later in life. In this way, small issues can be sorted out on daily basis resulting in a more peaceful existence.


A simple word, yet carries a lot of meaning. Most fights between couples these days happen due to the fact that they don’t listen to the other side. And since one sided arguments can never solve issues, the problems seldom go away leading to constant fights on daily basis. Hence, it is important to listen to what your partner is trying to convey. Sometimes, when convincing is difficult, try to understand what the other person is trying to tell you. This will for sure lead to a lesser fight frequency.

Spending Weekends together

Not a direct way to stop enmities but still quite useful. Lesser and lesser couples are opting for ‘together’ time these days owing to busy schedules and rest driven weekends. This in turn, leads to separation of ideas and less attraction towards each other. To ward it off, a simple romantic evening would do the job. Some time together at a peaceful place with not much people around will leave you enchanted with each other again and will bring back the romance in life whilst keeping fight at bay.


Planning a small vacation together will definitely solve a bunch of issues that have been keeping you both on a fighting mode. Some time out of your daily environments and routine schedules will very likely put that cloud of antagonism away and you will feel much closer to each other. Reigniting that flare will for sure help in putting unnecessary marriage fights away from you.

Marriage Fights

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