Long Lasting Makeup Tips

Long Lasting Makeup Tips

Summer and makeup create a fuss on the face as the draining sweat cringes even the professionals. That’s when you must know the essential tips to let you have long lasting makeup. How? Look a step ahead of the melting makeup, smeared eyeliner, and super sticking lipstick and think of the wonderful things that summer bring in. We tell you the pro tips to glow with makeup this season:

1. Invest In A Proper Base : Long Lasting Makeup

summer makeup

Just like keeping skin that is healthy and essential with long lasting makeup, similarly donning makeup that is value for money and best in quality is must. How can you ditch your skin by compromising with quality? Use an oil free moisturizer in the morning, followed by matte and oil free foundation formula to match. Remember it’s summer and you do not want to look a melting canvas.

2. A Primer That Holds


As per the elite makeup artists, investing in a good primer is quintessential in summers. While primer takes so less time in applying, the wonders it creates and hold the makeup is appreciating. Primers do not feel as if an additional heavy layer mounted and does magic for long lasting makeup.

3. Skip The Shimmer

summer makeup

As the nice dewy glow is everyone’s favorite, make the radiance natural rather than carving an over the top shimmer. Try avoiding cream foundations and anything that is luminous in summers as it make you a cake face and the humidity will draw off all the shimmer you had created.

4. Give Your Eye Shadow Stay Power

summer makeup

For longer staying eye shadows, make sure to avoid eye cream on lids (it can break down makeup) and rather base it up with a  primer. For all day wear ability of eye shadow, dab eye shadow powders over a cream layer.

5. No More Powder Blush

summer makeup

Let summer do the talking with the vibrance and the magic of the sun. When you plan to wear make up, inducing blush is always the right chord to bring in edge to the face and balance to any look. But hey! In summers if you are using the same powdered blush you will get cakey faster. Use a gel or blush instead and then add a dash of blush cream on the top for longer stay.

6. Swap Your Thick Lipsticks

summer makeup

Summer is the season that dislikes those heavy matte lipsticks in every form. So swap your heavy, thick lipsticks with the season’s favorite—lip stains. Stains are amazing for summer as you can always wear a lip balm on top to bring in the moisture plus the color is there to long lasting makeup. Try out sweet pinks and peach shades to match the perfect summer ensemble.

7.  Keep Prep Items In Your Bag

makeup bag

While you are on the go, keeping prep items in your bag is the master advice. As you soak the sun, there is a tendency to get clustered with the excess oil and here blotting papers are great to whisk away the sweat without piling on more products.



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