Liver Pain to Get Cured by Home Remedies

Liver Pain to Get Cured by Home Remedies

Liver is one of the essential parts of a human body and thus liver pain in relation with this shouldn’t be taken lightly. Going to a doctor is the primary priority but while the medications are on and the cause is yet to get detected, the best way to cure it’s pain by seeking the help of home remedies.

Some of the home remedies for curing liver pain are mentioned below:


Yes, the essential necessity of human life, water keeps the human body hydrated in the long run and also maintains the optimum electrolyte levels along with being capable of helping in flushing the toxic fluids out of the system. Consumption of more and more water helps in eradicating pain woes as it reduces the stress on the organs and also helps get rid of toxins which otherwise lead to oxidation leading to various ailments.


This is another wonder remedy to treat any kind of pain woes as it is a probiotic which not only contains various bacteria’s which are beneficial but also contains a nutrient known as bifidus which help the liver in getting rid of the microbes which have lived on the toxic elements in the body.

Carrot juice:

Consumption of carrot juice is also seen to improve the issue of liver pain or any other liver woes and thus it is advisable to intake the same mixed with the juices of cucumber and spinach to get the best results.

Aloe Vera:

Known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, aloe vera is pretty effective in alleviating pain too! Thus, consumption of fresh juice extracted from the leaves of an aloe vera plant helps in here!


Known to be great in reducing the internal body heat, buttermilk is also effective against pain woes and thus drinking at least three glasses of buttermilk each day (or even cow or goat milk) to reap the benefits.

Garlic & Ginger:

These are the wonder duos which are considered to enhance the taste of any dish but these very spices also help get rid of liver pain too. This is mainly due to the fact that whereas the ginger has liver functionality improving properties, garlic is known to protect the liver from various toxins. Thus, consumption of each daily helps.

Milk & Turmeric:

This is an age old home remedy used since generations to alleviate the pain woes and is effective due to the fact that the turmeric has antifungal and anti bacterial properties which helps in getting rid of the harmful microbes which might cause the pain whereas the antiseptic properties in them help quick cure too. The best way to follow this is by mixing a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of hot milk and having it in the morning and night.

Liver Pain

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