Letter From Mini Skirt Girls

Letter From Mini Skirt Girls

We are living in this democratic world as talking about mini skirt , we are independent to live, speak, eat, travel, and of course stare. While this could be one ouch moment for many, this is certainly a haphazard ritual for many young lads. This is 2016, and we are bringing in the change in our country, right from Digital India to some serious unconventional abandonment’s that were leading in the society. But #rightostare to those beautiful legs is the pride men convey.

Mini Skirt Girls

Well, staring those legs could be a serious screenplay for men who believe that it is some Karan Johar romantic gaga and persuade themselves for sticking to it till they get most of it. However, the rotten it may sound, the more pleasure it succumb.

Well, we as girls are sorry that we bring it to you, and you have to go with that serious avalanche of hormonal control, strange thoughts, and weird actions. We know guys you hate this serious biasing with women, right from reservation in education system to that ladies seat in the metro. One moment we all say that equality is going to rule and at the other moment it all just vanishes with that old school memory.

Sorry guys, the government had been so kind to us, from alimony right to government seats reservation. We stand by in the same league as you, but still we move forward giving you a bad face and stress. It all calls for your anger for us, and we take it, many of us take it at households as a wife, daughter, sister and more. We had not done anything wrong in our stride of moving front, but yes considering the worst situations of women in this country, Government is forced to bring in reforms for us

We are sorry guys, that you have met serious accidents while moving your neck out of the auto and smashing yourself. On that serious ride with your best friends when you wasted that costly petrol while staking us in the wide rush to our homes and hostels. The moment when you have to stop your bikes, to comment on us and in that case when you nearly tripped after seeing a well dressed us in your full gaze. And of course, we are sorry that some Indian men had to go jail after trying obscenity and ill behavior with us.

From all those girls to all those men, who caused any pain in their life we are #SORRY.

But here arise the question, just like one rotten apple crumble in the entire basket of apples. Same is the way because of some Indian men the other classy lads are seen with raised eyebrows. This society is the harbinger of all the good and bad news, and what may be bad for some, is the matter of pride for others. Boys, you are decent, you are innocent, you are the makers of this world, but yes really is that mini skirt is the big question for some of you? Let the girls be comfortable in their own skin and dress as if you have the right to don those shorts, the girls have the same right to carry their outfit mini skirt  and as per their desires.

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