Lesser Known Benefits Of Basil Leaves

Lesser Known Benefits Of Basil Leaves


The basil leaves, better known as the Tulsi in Indian households is a holy plant which is worshipped by the Hindus. Scientifically known as the Ocimum tenuiflorum, it belongs to the mint family. While the plant can be used in the preparation of Italian salads as well as herbal tea, some of the other lesser known benefits of the herb are as follows:

Enhances metabolism – basal-1079177_1920The ‘queen of herbs’ is a natural anti-oxidant, hence enhances the metabolism system of the body and helps to stay fit and active throughout the day.  Owing to its anti-bacterial property, it is useful in fighting against infections such as common cold and cough.

Lowers body temperature during fever – The tulsi drink is instrumental in reducing fever by lowering the body temperature.  Due to its anti-inflammatory property, the tulsi leaves in raw or boiled form provides relief during a sore throat.

Blood purification & clears skin – Chewing the basil leaves regularly helps in blood purification which in turn clears acne in the skin. Very few people are aware that the tulsi is rich in vitamin A, C and K. Not just this, it also contains calcium, iron and omega 3 fatty acids.  Ever wondered why having basil tea provides instant relief during headache? It is because it is a natural stress-buster thus ensures the emotional well-being as well.

Preserves DNA – dna-694798_1920  Some of the elements in the basil leaves helps to protect the cell structure and composition from harmful radiations thus maintaining a healthy DNA as well as preserving it. Since the basil leaves are rich in anti-oxidants, it also prevents the bad cholesterol from oxidizing the blood and helps to keep heart-related risks at bay. For diabetic patients, having basil leaves can be a natural remedy to keep the blood sugar level under control.

Provide stomach relief – For those who suffer from indigestion and other stomach problems, try chewing dried basil leaves or boiling it with water regularly for noted relief. You need to try it to believe it!! It is not just like that that the basil leaves are called the ‘Mother medicine of nature’.

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