Know Some Traits Kill Your Sex life

Know Some Traits Kill Your Sex life

Mohit and Shalini are professionals working in multi-national companies in a metro city. They have been married for the past five years and don’t have kids. They can hardly remember the last time they made passionate love as sex has become a mere weekend routine for them. Work pressure or lack of time, or simply lost interest, they cannot just identify the reason their relationship has been deprived of the spark. This is the situation which nearly half of the young couples with similar lifestyles identify with and here are some main reasons why they lose interest in sex life:

I’m tired in Sex life


Hectic lifestyle, tiring workdays and traveling jobs make the main reasons why one or both the partners lack the physical stamina to indulge in sex life at the end of the day. Planning weekend sex makes sex life a mechanical activity rather than a spontaneous feeling.

Rather than focusing on sex, try to spend quality time together when you can. Working out, cooking or swimming together can make you physically active as well as bring opportunities for spontaneous and passionate sex life.

Why should I take the initiative?


Taking initiative is somewhat like an ego issue and the partners keep waiting for each other to take the call. While women expect their men to show their passion, men want women to break the norms, but mutual expectations make things rather lukewarm beneath the sheets!

Try to rekindle the sex life once a while and don’t wait for your partner’s efforts. He can surprise her with roses and champagne and she can dress in sexy lingerie to make the night a special one.

He doesn’t give me foreplay


Men are interested in the more practical form of sex while women love foreplay and afterplay, and lack of the same is the biggest turn-off in bed for women. She looks for emotional bonding while he wants physical closeness. Women actually loathe being taken down straightaway and would prefer to stay away from sex than being treated this way.

He should look for sensuous ideas to turn her on and the wilder he is, the better he gets of her. And this applies to her too!

There’s nothing new

A major complaint of couples is that sex becomes routine after a few years of being together as most are not willing to experiment in bed. No change means no passion, and this is something that can take away all the heat from a relationship.

Be crazy and enjoy some new positions. There is a storehouse of erotic help available on the internet and every couple should definitely make use of it to spice up their life.

I don’t look good


Aging couples come across self-esteem issues as their physical appearances start changing and they don’t look as good as they did once. Some couples become self-conscious and lose their libido over this.

Remember, beauty is as much in mind as it is in body and you have been with your partner long enough to be comfortable in “each other’s” skin.

Try to throw these turn-offs out of your bedroom and bring the heat back!






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