Intimacy Issues that Coming in a Relationship

Intimacy Issues that Coming in a Relationship


Intimacy Issues

Two people in a relationship together can have different emotions and diverse moods at any given time. This means that you and your spouse may not necessarily feel the same thing at the same time, which can result in one of you wanting to be intimate when another is blissfully unaware of this fact. Several such misunderstandings and unfounded inhibitions can cause a rift in your intimate relations. Read about the top five intimacy issues you didn’t know you were making.

Harbouring Inhibitions about your Appearance

While many people are not completely satisfied with the way their body looks, it is natural to feel self-conscious when you undress. Still, worrying about your appearance excessively during intimate moments with your partner can ruin the mood. It can also make your partner wonder what all the bother is about, which is the last thing you want for they may then share the same reservations about your body image.

Being confident no matter what you weigh and irrespective of your scars is the key to healthy intimacy. After all, it is only when you love yourself that others can realize how great you are.

Waiting for the Man to Make the First Move

Waiting for a man to always make the move can leave plenty of women unsatisfied at times. This empty feeling makes you feel undesired cause by intimacy issues, which can lead to depression. There is a simple answer ladies, make your partner feel like the king sometimes by helping him unwind with a sensual massage. Take a little initiative and make the first move on your spouse for a delightful surprise.

Being Afraid to Vocalise what you Like

Intimacy is a two way street, so it isn’t fair to assume that your partner is a mind reader. Expressing animatedly what you like to be done is a great way to derive more pleasure from your sessions. Remember that there is no shame in discussing what you like in bed. If you happen to have a shy partner, then try to encourage them to speak up and let you know what they desire.

You can also try paying close attention to their emotive cues and figure out what techniques they respond most enthusiastically to.

Mistakenly Thinking your Spouse is Up for it Each time

While first-timers are keen on regular intimacy, busy lives and stressful routines can greatly impact one’s libido. Therefore, it is important that you not feel unattractive if your man fails to initiate. Men on the other hand also feel perverse as they always initiate, which is something you can do occasionally and this reason also become as intimacy issues sometimes.

Reluctance to Explore a New Technique

There is nothing more upsetting than monotony, which can easily plague a long term relationship. Trying something new is just a way to keep the magic alive. So, don’t be afraid to surprise your partner by mixing things up with a new technique you just read about.

A sizzling chemistry is not the only thing that keeps a relationship alive. Over time, understanding, kindness and tuning into what your partner desires can do wonders to keep up a great intimacy.

Intimacy Issues

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