Interesting ways to come out of your shell

Interesting ways to come out of your shell

People go into mentally created shell like a turtle in his shell. Turtle’s shell could be its destiny, but humans are designed with intellect to live in social environment. One should not stay for long in the shell and must try to break it off as early as possible. Remaining in shell will hamper your total lifestyle.

How to break away

Leave Prop support– In public glare a man in shell starts fiddling with his things like mobile phones etc. One should do away with this habit and start conversing in small talks. This will build up the confidence and wipe off the accumulated dust on communicating skill. If talking to strangers gets easy for you, this could mean you have cracked the shell.

Make connection– You must try to stop regular texting habit on mobiles and choose to talk one to one on the phone. More you speak up on phone or in person will assist you in making right connections that will boost up your morale. Just don’t shy away from making connections.

Win yourself first-You got to win your feelings first. It’s often seen that man is the servant of his whims and fancies. Never consider yourself a boring person and win over this habit. This will help in breaking off the shell.

Activate with activities–  Best way to get over this is by merging oneself in various activities such as joining cooking classes, joining a gym, learn music etc. These activities will bring you close to people and will bring out the best in you.

Meditate-Meditation helps you bring inner peace of mind. Take some deep breath and stay relaxed. Keep off from the daily chores including your cellular phones, social media, and anything and everything which distracts you at that time.  Relax and repeat the “Om” sound, doing this you will be able to concentrate on things. You will be able to accomplish one thing at a time in a matter of few days.

Give compliments– Compliments are the warmth to melt the ice. First try to self-compliment by looking in mirror and speaking aloud, such as ‘oh you look good’, this shirt is nice’ etc. This would be your step forward to compliment others. This will make you happy and people around you thus helping in shed off the shell.

Love yourself– if you love yourself then the positive things will happen with you. So break away from shell and live your life.

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