Interesting Ideas to Make Handmade Bags

Interesting Ideas to Make Handmade Bags

Homemade DIY Hand Bags
Ideas to create unique handmade bags needs the impetus of creativity to give it the final desired shape.  The handbag made at home simply, can only be possible if your innovative mind is enlightened by some useful guidance. Here we have tried to find for you the best working DIY ideas to make handbags at home with easily available materials.

Swag Bag-

A handmade bags that can carry variety of items in its tall and zipped package. A spacious bag suitable for overnight clothing or any other thing that you can store here. This bag is not stiff yet it can maintain its designed shape. This is made with design print or striped fabric, it’s downright practical and easy to carry because of its flexibility.

Method– Prepare a bag of the size you require out of any fabric of your choice. If you take white or any other plain color you can beautifully decorate with ribbons, fabric paint, adhesive tape, glitzy paper star-shaped or any other design you prefer glued on the sides of bag. Even straws can be used cut and glued to the bag.

Messenger Bag-

Created from glitzy and fab patterns, this bag will become a cool fashion icon in a work day. Its finished size would be 14 x 11 x 5 inches or 16 x 14 x6 inch. That’s in fact, big enough to carry laptop, books and necessary papers. This DIY messenger bag would be the perfect If you are planning a short trip.

Method– Take one yard fabric of your choice and one yard of lining. Cut the side pieces and front and back of the bag. Make a pattern on any big paper while cutting back portion, as you will have to cut pattern of front flap also from it. Make a broad belt for hanging. Options can be chosen from variety of additions, chained outside pocket, inside pocket from lining and flap design long or short, use your creativity to make handmade bags.

Tote Bag-

There are so many remarkable fabric options for lovely and sturdy canvas tote bag. This bag is liked because of the way it’s constructed with the handles securely held within the base and sides of the bag, not just sewn into the top. Because the Handles wrapped to the bottom this is a strong tote that can withstand a lot of weight.

Method– Final Tote Bag size should be 8.5inch wide x 11.5inch tall x 4inch deep. Take sturdy and beautifully designed fabric for external and internal base. If plain colored tote bag fabric is being used then you can create lots of things such as embroideries, painting, stickers etc.

Create your own handmade bags and make your own fashion statement.



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