Interesting Development Activities For Children

Interesting Development Activities For Children

girl-940782_960_720Did you know that a major part of your child’s mental development takes place in the initial five years? Hence, this phase is really crucial for every child to inculcate the right skills – be they physical, intellectual, mental, social, creative or behavioral. As parents, it is quite important to spend quality time with your children enabling them to learn new things in a fun and creative way. Here are some interesting activities you can do along with your kid so that learning becomes enjoyable for both of you!

Measure it up –

To help your kid learn how counts matter and the different ways in which things can be measured, try this. Measure the things around them by using either blocks or fruits or books. For example, your baby is three blocks tall or the bed is seven books wide. Do it around them often and then they’ll tell you how big, tall or high various things around them are!

Try sticking alphabetical labels around the house –

reading-1156865_1920You can label the items frequently used around the house which your child distinctly notices. To do this, cut alphabets in a font size which can be easily noticed by your child and paste them on the refrigerator, bottles, chairs etc such as,” F” on the fridge, “C” on the chair, “A” on the almirah. Read it out loud each time the two of you are around that object pointing towards it. This will make alphabet learning fun and easy to remember.

Encourage organizing activities –

baby-968092_1280 You can encourage your child to help around in little ways such as putting toys in the basket, placing her shoes on the rack, flowering plants or finding granny’s stick. These little acts will help your child become social and helpful to the people around. Also, they will learn how to be organized. So, even if the chore takes a longer while to be completed, let him/her do it own his/her own.

The “hello-hello” telephone game –

To help your child in developing speech abilities, try as much as possible to converse with the kid. This can be done in a fun way by pretending that the two of you are talking over phone. Speak into the toy phone asking a question and let your child respond. Keep the conversation interesting for your child.

The treasure hunt –

You can hide your child’s favorite toy somewhere around him and let him find it. If he is not able to discover it in one go, try giving him little clues; such as ‘ Is it under the pillow’ or ‘Hope it is not under the table’ and watch him look for it at all these possible places.

Let them scribble –

Your child will love it. Get him/her a slate or a small whiteboard where you can draw shapes and articles of daily use, write numbers and alphabets and ask your child to repeat the action or identify them. This will help to bring out their creativity also. Last but not the least, let them socialize as much as possible. Encourage them to build blocks along with other kids or play the ‘cooking in the kitchen’ with their friends. This will inculcate teamwork and your child will also learn to care and share.


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