Indian Ocean Cruise Style Travel

Indian Ocean Cruise Style Travel


Indian Ocean : Sunset Beach

The islands of Indian ocean invite travellers to a beautiful holiday experience. You can explore the wonders of the Indian oceans through a small cruise or take a long cruise holiday and visit the various famous destinations including the holy Ganges. All the islands surrounding the ocean are an ideal getaway destination if you’re looking to escape the concrete jungles and embrace real nature. Here, one can enjoy the peace and quiet without any news, disturbances, or calls. You will be surrounded by beautiful palm trees, white sand beaches and unlimited opportunities to relax and unwind. Adventure lovers will also find endless opportunities for superb snorkelling and diving.

Some of the most exciting destinations to explore around the Indian Ocean:

Seychelles Island in the Indian Ocean


Seychelles Island

This island offers a stunning mix of amazing beaches, picture postcard villages and lots of exciting flora and fauna to explore deep inside and outside the ocean. With over hundred islands scattered throughout the tropical waters, this place truly lives up to its name of paradise isles. You can head for a glass bottom boat safari to enjoy the natural beauty in the ocean or snorkel in the crystal clear waters with shimmering fish. Relax and soak up the stunning views of the Mahe’s mountain peaks or go hunting for souvenirs and handcrafted local items in the towns.




Maldives are the ideal destination to snorkel, swim, dive and fish in the warm turquoise waters under the tropical sun. It is also one of the world’s most luxurious getaways with its platinum white sands and azure waters surrounded by swaying palm trees. This is a diver’s paradise as you will find astonishing coral reefs and fascinating marine life in the waters. Maldives is known to offer some of the best snorkelling and diving options in the world.




The volcanic island located in the Indian ocean, Mauritius is a beautiful paradise with fine beaches, lovely mountains, picturesque villages and amazing coral reefs. The dramatic mountain scenery laid back atmosphere and luxurious stay options make this an ideal holiday destination. Water sports like diving, fishing, sailing and water-skiing are highly popular in Mauritius.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Beach

This island is located to the southern coast of India and is home to unmatched natural beauty and extravaganza. Travellers can explore Colombo, the capital city which traces its roots back to Portuguese and Dutch occupations. The town of Hambantota which was earlier known as the Magma Kingdom and Galle, the 17th-century Dutch fort are worth a visit when in Sri Lanka. This is an affordable and cultural island with a lot of heritage and tradition in store.

Cultural Voyage to the West or Peaceful Cruise to the South


Kerala Backwater

Another great way to explore India’s coastline is to visit Porbandar, the birth destination of Mahatma Gandhi, visit the Bollywood mansions in Mumbai or uncover the beautiful treasures of Goa. A trip to the South right from Maharashtra to Kanyakumari will expose the unspoilt Malabar coast, peaceful backwaters of Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu and take you to the exotic spices in Cochin’s Pepper Exchange.

The ocean is full of unexplored natural beauty that can be enjoyed through luxurious cruises along the crystal blue waters.


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