Improve Memory in Some Easy Steps

Improve Memory in Some Easy Steps

Improve Memory

Forgot where you kept the keys or can’t recall the names or may be why at all you picked up the phone? All these indicate that your memory is not that sharp as it used to be. Worry not; here we have several simple tricks to improve memory. Check these out:

1. Let your brain play some games

To get your brain back into shape, play crossword puzzles, sudoko and other such games which lets your brain sweat a bit. The trick is to play on daily basis for few minutes to see the visible results.

2. Acquire new skill

Engaging the brain in learning a new skill helps to arrest memory loss. It improves concentration as well as memory. However, go for only that activity which excites you such as playing a musical instrument, driving, learning a new language, knitting, etc which demands your full attention.

3. Try mnemonic devices for better memory


Visuals helps to relate and remember better. So if you wish to remember the name of the stranger you met, try to relate him with some physical attribute such as small beard or crooked tooth he had. Use acronyms to remember a task like buy A.B.C. (almonds, bread and carrots). Else you may use rhyme such as “Jack the crack”.

4. Feed your brain

Your brain needs superfoods such as nuts and seeds, berries, green vegetables, whole grains and fish among others to get regular supply of anti-oxidants, vitamins B,C and E, omega-3 fatty acids and energy. This helps to declutter your brain and stay fit.

5. Let your brain rest peacefully

To improve memory, you need to get a good night sleep of at least 7 hours and a couple of naps as well. Those who sleep less regularly forgets often and worry more.

6. A lot time for daily workout for body and brain

Exercising has great influence on memory especially that involves hand-eye coordination and complex motor skills. So if you wish to increase your mental abilities start workouts, brisk walking or any other form of exercises today and feel difference in your memory power!  To reduce stress in life and to prevent neurodegenerative diseases like dementia, etc, meditation comes to rescue. It has positive impact on memory too.

7. Stop multitasking for better memory

 When you pay attention to several tasks at a time, your brain actually slows down and commits frequent errors. Therefore, focus on one task at a time and prevent your memory from slowing down.

  Hope these easy steps will help you to improve memory and lead a happy life.



Improve Memory


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