Hyderabad: A City of Dreams in India to Live In

Hyderabad: A City of Dreams in India to Live In

India is undoubtedly deteriorating with the pollution fuss, crowd and pouring traffic that is making the metropolitan cities a tough deal to survive in. However, in this stride,  Hyderabad could bring plenty of relief to this continuous brooding. It is certainly the city that imbibes the energy of paced up life and offers time for personal space as well. Contributing to that it is titled as the Best city in India to live in by the Mercer’s Quality of Living Rankings 2016. This impeccable city of Nizams that is outshining with its infrastructure and massive job opportunities slipped away from one position. From 139 position last year, it has made its way to 138 position among the cities that offers great standards of living.


 So, let’s unfold the story that how it is making all the rounds.

1.  Lower Crime Rates and high safety standards


2. High options of Reputable and international English Speaking Schools


3. More Job Opportunities with many MNCs have headquarters like Google, Amazon, IBM


4.  Affordable Real Estate Prices


5.  Less Pollution than other Metropolitan cities


Don’t you want to live in Dream City?



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