How to Do your Make Up at Various Occasions?

How to Do your Make Up at Various Occasions?


We all love doing a bit of makeup once in a while. At times you might have received comments from your girlfriends saying, “Wow, I love your eye make-up.” On certain days they will be like “Dude, what have you applied? Wash your face.” Now you may be confused whether you should put makeup or not? Definitely yes, little makeup here and there never harmed anyone. However, one needs to be very careful with how the makeup should be put on. You cannot always wear Red lipstick on almost every occasion. I know you are not a makeup artist, basic etiquette’s are enough for a makeup beginner to realise what, when and how?

  • Workplace look–

bb cream makeup Lipstick Makeup

People at work tend to pay a lot of attention at how you look. Over makeup can make a mockery of you. You will be one of the hot topics in office on “How not to do make-up.” Avoid wearing darker shade lipstick and say no to eye-shadows. Skip the foundation. Opt for bb/cc Cream, nude lips or medium shade of pinks which are subtle enough to be worn daily. Tight line your eyes with kohl or/and eyeliner and you are done.

  • Casual look-

15210996277_584741cc8a_ocoral lipgloss makeupeyeliner makeup Blush Makeup

You can apply a light base which doesn’t make you look patchy. Apply a pink or coral lipgloss of your choice. Keep your look fresh with a hint of blush. Your eyes should be tightened with eyeliner and mascara. Do not go for heavy eyes. It will look too much for a casual look.

  • College look-

marcelle kohl makeupLipstick Makeup

This look should be as simple as it can be. No excess make up only a sheer gloss, a bit of compact to make your face look fresh and a stroke of kajal/kohl in your eyes. Avoid wearing heavy eye makeup or a loud shade of lipstick.

  • Wedding look-

  Red-Lipstick MakeupMakup

This is the time when you actually try most of your makeup products. Apply thick eyeliner if possible, a winged, apply mascara, and add a bit of highlighter on your cheekbones. If you know contouring with bronzer go ahead. Make sure if you have heavy eye makeup choose a medium or lighter shade of lipstick. If you didn’t do your eyes go for a red lipstick. Don’t go overboard with makeup just because it’s a wedding look. Or you will end up looking like a disco ball. Balancing is the key.

  • Travel Look-

20461927052_8c9f78e2b2_hLip-Balmeyeliner makeup

Let your skin breathe during travelling. No need of much makeup. Just a bit of mascara and a tinted lip balm will do the trick. If you still wish to put on makeup. Apply eyeliner but no lipstick or vice versa. Keep it minimal.

So what is your usual style of look that you like to carry? I love red lipsticks. On most days I am wearing a red lipstick without any eyeliner.  A red lipstick brightens up your face and there is no need to add more makeup.

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